Saturday, February 9, 2013

Catching up..

I don't even know where to begin. It's been 2 months too long and I really miss writing. Between moving.. (with the husband) and then my mother visiting, and trying to never leave.. (having to force her out) and with getting sick like I did... (emergency room visit, 15mm kidney stone surgery, and impending gallbladder surgery) I feel overwhelmed to even really have a starting point to catch up.

So, instead of stressing over that.. (if you've been following the facebook page then you have kinda kept up anyway..) I will just simply go from here. Does that sound ok with you? I sure as hell hope so, because that's what I'm going to do..

Tonight there is a large Mardi Gras parade. I love Mardi Gras, it's one of the few things about this friggin town I truly enjoy. I have missed every other parade so far because of how I've been feeling. And though I still feel the stab of an ice pick to the kidney multiple times an hour, we are going to the parade tonight. Tomorrow is Joe Cain Sunday, and then Tuesday is the end of it all for the year.. so - tonight we will go. If there is one parade of the year I make sure to see, it's the one tonight. Their floats are wonderful. Hopefully we will go tomorrow as well, & Tuesday, weather permitting.

I am stressed.. what else is new though, right? My husband has mostly been on his best behavior. But there are still issues I cannot ignore. Like the fast he was over an hour late last night, the money he handed me from his check seemed a good bit short, and he STILL called *that* fucking number. I haven't called him out on any of it yet. I feel like shit, and I want tonight to be fun for the kids... and starting shit right now would certainly screw it all up. I'm irritated and annoyed... I need to "back up and punt" and get a new plan together I suppose. Just right now... this week... I am tired, and sore... and I am going to put a fake smile on my face and simply move forward. After-all.. if he's screwed up this week, it will certainly happen again, and I'll have plenty of chances to "catch" him when I am better prepared.

That's all for now... but I will get to updating regularly again, I promise.

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