Thursday, September 13, 2012

I didn’t see THAT coming...

Sometimes, you just don't see things coming. At all.

Last Sunday morning... it was a pretty normal morning - quite mellow and what not... my husband headed off to work, leaving me and the children to a pretty bland day. Then, my cell phone rang - and the incoming number, was from Amanda's house - HOUSE, not her cell phone. I answered it - and she was hysterical. Of course my mind instantly went into over drive (who died!?!?!?!? what do I do!?!?!? how the hell can I fix this!?!?!?!) - But thankfully... the reasons for the tears were not quite so bleak.

Apparently - she and her mother AND step-father had been at each other's throats for a while now - and everything had just exploded in their faces. Her mother told her she could not take it anymore - and to leave - now. Amanda's instant concern was losing her friends from her school - but overall she was just shocked her mother would actually take such a drastic step.

So - she called me. I called my husband (who could not do much of anything because he had JUST gotten to work, and started a meeting...) - and so finally - I called her mother. (I had to make sure I was getting the entire story - a few times in the past Amanda has said she *wanted* to live with us - but it was never actually HAPPENING.)

And there you have it - the start of a roller coaster week!

By Monday - Amanda's mother was crying for her to come home. And Amanda was starting to like the idea of the break - and staying with us. That caused this huge pit in our stomachs most of the week - would she stay - would she go, etc.

I can now with complete certainty say - she is STAYING. (We have thought this day MAY happen at some point for years - and are THRILLED - that of course didn't stop it from startling us when it did happen!!!)

We registered her at the High School Thursday - and yesterday she and I went to meet her Guidance Counselor. Now - in her other school she was having some issues in a couple of areas - I am hoping the change of scenery and school and such will implement an academic improvement - but we learned something yesterday that - I am sorry - I HAVE to just say I find HILARIOUS! So - her guidance counselor asks us where in our town we are - and we say [insert street name here] street. Do you know what he said!?!?! He said "Really!? I live on [insert SAME street name here] street too!!!!!

Ok - I know my neighbors - kind of. I know the people across the street, and the people across the street to the right. But guess what!? HE is the house DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET - to the left!!!! It is not like he is around the bend, or 5 blocks down - he is ACROSS THE FRIGGIN STREET! Seriously - you can't make this shit up!

Amanda is (mostly) mortified... though she does agree with me in finding it quite funny... my husband is happy - and her mother - her mother is probably ecstatic.

And I think I am finally starting to relax over all this. I know how much it means to my husband to actually have a chance to have her LIVE with us - and all week I was terrified it was getting dangled in front of him - to just be ripped away. But - she starts school Tuesday!!!! So - we know she is at LEAST here until the end of the school year!! And I am hoping - for much longer too!

So - a page has turned... and a new time in our lives has begun!!!

I have more to write - but the topic is so completely different - it is going into a new entry! I hope you all are having a great Saturday!

Posted Date: : Nov 10, 2007 9:25 AM

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