Friday, September 14, 2012

They say a lightning bolt is hotter than the surface of the sun...

Thursday - a friend of mine was looking for a buddy to go with her and her son to her favorite beach.... and Thursday was set to be a gorgeous day - so I absolutely jumped on that chance... and I am SO happy that I did. I discovered a wonderful spot - so close to home, that I can not believe I didn't know was there before! It is just a few miles from the wonderful Bay I always talk about going too when I want a little silence, and inner peace. Aidan had a blast - and it is somewhere I know we will use a lot before we move in July.

It was totally shrouded in fog on Thursday morning when we got there... and I took both of my munchkins back there today. Spotty showers were predicted... so I dutifully checked the radar before walking out the door - and there was nothing for miles. It was wonderful - we got there and went walking way down the beach... as the kids grabbed stones and squealed with delight as they made a "plop" as they tossed them into the water.... the water is so calm in this spot... you can walk right along it's edge, with no fear of a wave soaking your shoes...

The beach was even more foggy today than it had been on Thursday - and this time... it was concealing something. Standing there - looking across the sound - lightning lit up the dark gray fog as the booming thunder suddenly made the ground shake beneath our feet... The children looked at me, we were all equally startled - and with little more than a split second flinch, I calmly proclaimed "Okay! Time to go!"

I wondered if it was a one time strike... and we walked back towards the car... and another bolt splintered across the sky... the thunder right on it's heels. My son grabbed my hand now... and I took Jillian's hand too, to control our pace, and quicken it a bit... They were getting frightened - and that is something I never want them to fear. I adore thunderstorms so much - if it had been just me - I would have just watched it, in all it's power and glory as it moved through...

Another bolt - from a new angle - thunder cracking across the land... this one concerned even me a little... as I see the distance that still lingers between our car and us. There is a half mile to go I am sure... and their little legs are struggling in the jagged rock covered sand. I pull our pace to a near run... and as we arrive at our car - just as I swing the door open and my son scrambles inside... the rain drops start to fall. I hurried the kids in, and stand there for a moment - as the rain hits my face... my children's voices in the background "Mommy, get in! Mommy, the lightning!" - And I breathe it in... this storm - Spring... and I let myself feel renewed, as it is renewing the land around us.

I take my seat so we can watch the storm... and remind the children we are perfectly safe in the car (they were concerned) - and they relax... it was wonderful. We got to "ohhhhh" and "ahhhhh" at the last few bolts of lightning and grumbles of thunder together... before it left us there - as fast as it had rushed in.

As I had sat down - my body had reminded me of my mortality - in that moment when, just before - I had allowed myself to feel so invincible... A searing pain ran down my leg... (and it persists even now...) yet - it doesn't bother me. The moment was so worth it. A new experience, a chance to show my children one of the wonders of our marvelous world. (From the safety of the car!)

After the storm passed... the rain immediately began to return to the sky - as steam came off of the sand, and the pavement, the playground equipment.. it was like we were standing in the sky - amongst the clouds.

I love that little spot on the beach. We will go back there very soon... maybe even tomorrow - before their father's visit.

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