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Nobody said it would be easy, they just said it would be worth it...

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I am a quiet person. And I cannot put the intensity of the truth of that statement any clearer than that. I keep to myself... I speak to someone if they speak to me... you will rarely find me talking openly about myself... (I can always write it! I have problems speaking it...) But every so often - a moment comes along when, words just fall out of my mouth - and I find myself engaged in a conversation... with a stranger. And I can even step back, and watch this as it happens... with total fascination - because that just is not me.

I had one of those moments a little while ago. My instincts took over... all the "stuff" jumbled into my head that I know just came pouring out... and I am just SO happy it did.

I took my son to the beach again this morning... we played by the water... built some sand castles, tossed rocks into the tiny waves, and sat side by side on the rocky sand. Then he wanted to go play on the slide... so we made our way back towards the parking lot... to the fenced in area that holds the slide, and swings... the area that had been totally deserted as we walked past it just an hour earlier had come to life... children chasing children... giggles filling the air. My little guy was wearing his timid self today... so he did not want to interact or do much.... and we were about to leave, when the conversation of the 2 mothers sitting next to me became apparent. "Well, they say there is no mercury in the vaccines anymore..." said one. While the other expressed her ongoing concern - citing some of the recent information that has been readily published over the past few weeks...

And then... there I was - in the middle of their conversation. A very unusual moment for me, I must add. The things I know spilling out of my mouth... followed by the things I have strong opinions on - of course with the plea for her to do her own research. I will never tell anyone to vaccinate or not vaccinate their child - I am no doctor, and no expert - but I will beg them to do their research. And I did. We talked for so long... while Aidan half patiently sifted sand at my feet... and it all came down to one thing: she knew she did not want her son to have any more vaccines. She was certain of it. But there is this stigma... this thing the school systems force down your throat - fear. You "must" vaccinate your child... if you don't - well - then your child is a danger to all the other vaccinated children... and - they can't have that!! - But here is something important to note - if my unvaccinated child is a danger to your child IF they catch one of these diseases your child has been vaccinated against - well then - why the hell did you pump that poison into your child to begin with - if they aren't protected!? What is the point of a "vaccination" if it doesn't vaccinate you!?

This poor woman had already accepted defeat in her mind. When everyone registers for school - for preschool, for everything - the 1st thing they ask you for are your child's immunization records, she said. And when she said that - I told her - my daughter, my partially unvaccinated daughter, is in public school. The look of relief that crossed her face was priceless.

You see... I am a person of great moral conviction. But I will do whatever it takes, and say whatever I have to say to protect my children. And why wouldn't anyone? These creatures of pure innocence that look to us for their protection... we would travel to the ends of the Earth and back to ease their pain... live in the torments of the 9 levels of hell if it saved them their suffering... so the thought that - I could make one simple statement, that harmed NO ONE - and keep to my convictions to not vaccinate them - well - I said "sign me up."

And I explained to her - that New York state health law 2164, sub article 9 allows for religious exemption. And by law - they cannot question you on your faith. The relief in her voice on hearing that... was astounding. It is not easy - but if you have to choose between that, and injecting something into your child you feel is nothing more that a poison - that can cause them permanent harm... which would you choose?

And when our conversation was done - I felt I had truly helped her. And I was reminded of the position of importance that so many of us hold - and we are so totally unaware of it. I could have heard that conversation, happening as I walked past - and kept going. And then, that woman would have succumbed to her fate - a fate she did not want - a moment of terror for herself - to inject her child yet again with a "vaccine" she did not want him to have... But - I didn't. I spoke up. And now, she has another tool. An alternate fate.

And I remembered, I am not just a mother of a child with Autism... and I am not just an advocate for her - but I am, truly, an advocate for every child - as we ALL are.

Posted Date: : Apr 17, 2008 1:04 PM

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