Thursday, September 13, 2012

Kept awake by the wind...

Okay... I honestly don't know WHEN I wrote this... I am normally so good at dating things... I know I wrote it sometime in the week following the 16th of February.


I am so sleepy today. The wind... it has been a constant in my writings recently, I know. And I have to say... I don't remember winters on Long Island as being this windy in the past - we would get a few really windy storms of course - but that was in the entire season. We have had 2 this week... 2 last week, at least 1 the week before that... you get the idea, right? Last night's was extra intense it seemed... I turned the heat off as I went to bed - the outside temperature was 44 and rising... I got to the sanctuary of my bedroom and opened the window... I wanted to feel the warming breeze and listen to the wind......

Well... it was not such a simple little breeze. I was laying there - seriously considering fully covering my head with the thick blanket, so I didn't get cut to shreds if the window broke at the hands of a stray tree branch! I thought of moving my bed incase of an even bigger branch - THAT thought even crossed my mind - and I don't get weird like that. This was some intense wind.... really. I fell asleep sometime after 3:30 am - I just had to listen to it - it was entrancing. Of course, then I awakened at 6 am - still with the wind howling through the window - and the sounds of the children giggling in their room.

Yes... I am running on about 2 1/2 hours of sleep.

There is a thick fog outside now - I am holding onto hope we may get a good thunderstorm later... Something has to give - it is 55 degrees out right now, yet, going down to 19 tomorrow.

And - this is where I stopped writing this entry!! Ok... I promise a real update tomorrow!!

Posted Date: : Mar 1, 2008 10:56 PM

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