Thursday, September 13, 2012

Stealing a moment...

So, here I sit. In Borders (book store) in the early afternoon... stealing time to REALLY write. (Into a leather bound journal I have yet to pay for... I might add... added in as I am typing, later in the afternoon: I DID buy the book, incase you were wondering!)

(And my computer just tried to freeze. I am SO not in the mood to deal with more computer problems right now!!)

How did I get here today? What an odd week - yesterday my "mission" the moment both kids left my sight was to find an eye doctor. I went to TWO places that had been suggested to me - neither had a doctor that could see me or was available... I was getting so frustrated. I finally called the number given to me the day before by one of the moms at Jilly's dance school - and the recorded message said to call back after 11:30 am. So, I stopped at the grocery store to grab the things that had accumulated onto my list in - no kidding - less than 24 hours time.

I got back to my car - and my phone rang... It was the school nurse. My baby girl (who was fine a few hours earlier...) had a fever of 102.1. So, she needed to come home... now. And at that moment, it was 11:30. I still called... and got an appointment for 5:20 yesterday afternoon. The rest of the day was quite average - my little girl was feeling terrible. She slept on the couch for a while, as I paced over my appointment.

The results? Are still inconclusive... She says my eyes are EXTREMELY dry - which surprised me. They feel fine! But that alone was probably exacerbating my already poor night vision - and causing most of the glare issues I was having. So, I now have all sorts of different drops to put in my eyes over the next two weeks... because there are tests she wants to run that we can't do while they are so dry. (Because if that is the main culprit of the bad glare, everything would simply be inconclusive... but she hopes to help me with my night vision overall anyway... and so on.)

She DID do that pupil dilation thing to look deep inside my eyes... it was sort of funny looking at my eyes last night - Big black pupils... teeny tiny slivers of blue surrounding them. I felt 15 again!

Today - my baby girl is home, and so is her Daddy... Aidan is NOT here - normally on Thursdays he would be, but today was his schools picture day! I put him in a button down shirt and tie!! He looked absolutely ADORABLE! I took pictures here before he left - and it felt like a GQ photo shoot - he was POSING! I will post those pictures later!!

And, I have another entry to do!! I hope I have time to do it before leaving to get him from school!!!

Posted Date: : Oct 18, 2007 3:22 PM

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