Thursday, September 13, 2012

A bump on the head

Someone... please... please - save me from the Hannah Montana marathon. I just caught myself laughing at something... and when I reexamined what was said - I still found it funny. My brain cells are falling asleep... someone - save me!

Maybe it's the bump on the head I got yesterday...? It was a classically comical moment too... my son, decided to play "baseball" - since I have allowed NO bats in the house, he came up with a makeshift one. From the thing on the vacuum that is all too useful for getting stuff out of the corners... (not the hose part - I don't know the technical term for it - okay!) Anyway - it is two pieces... and he was using the smaller part as the handle, and hitting with the larger one. And he was having so much fun, and it wasn't hurting anything... I was playing along with him for a bit. Right down to the moment where he swung at the ball... and the large end flew off his "bat" - and whacked me RIGHT between the eyes. My nose.. right to the top of my forehead. I had to laugh at the impeccable aim. After I iced it anyway!

Then I forgot about it... until last night. I was laying in bed, with the window wide open... feeling the cool fall breeze and listening to the crickets sing.. and I for whatever reason put my hand on my forehead - and, OUCH! It is actually sore today. At least it didn't bruise. For whatever reason, my head never seems to bruise. I have taken a few really hard hits to the head, and broken my nose twice... and never really have had much of a bruise. Why is that relevant? It is GOOD it didn't bruise - BUT.. sometimes I want to be able to say "see, LOOK - THAT's why it hurts!"

I am contemplating dragging out the bins with the Halloween stuff and decorating the front of the house. It is cool enough outside to feel like fall... but I just feel like I am falling behind. So many houses are all decorated already... I just feel like it snuck up on me this year! I know the kids would enjoy that a lot... but I also know it means a trip to the dreaded store... because inevitably there are things from last year that are broken, or missing... or something here or there I want to "add..."

I will hopefully get moving soon... (I sort of feel like my head is wading through mud... I really don't want another cold....)

As promised... here is the picture of that tree......... the picture only shows about half of it. I was sort of worried about someone coming out of one of the houses, freaking about a stranger taking pictures! But you can see the way it spirals down it! (It wraps around the tree, completely... twice!)

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