Thursday, September 13, 2012

Check THAT off the list...

All the troubles started innocently enough, about 36 hours ago. Really.. they did. Yesterday morning I sat here, and wrote an entry. And I loved what that entry said. It so eloquently expressed some really mushy sentiments I had felt the night before... and I was all too happy to hit "copy, paste" from my email (the way I compose my blog entries) to post it into myspace. And that, is where everything went terribly wrong. (For the first time... of a few...........) The screen froze. And then turned into this pretty checkered box thing of multiple colors. That, is called "hard crash" - incase you were wondering.

So, I held the pretty green glowing button down until the computer turned off... and turned it back on again. By this time, I was frustrated at the amount of time it all had taken, and the computer was booting up way too slowly... and I had crap to do... so - I aborted my attempt at re-doing my nifty entry, and went on about my day.

Time went by... and I had a moment. So, I typed my entry out again. Once more I was happy with the way I had expressed my overly sappy sentiments about the night before... and I added in some about the way I was watching my sweet baby boy as he was laying on the couch beside me. Though, I did speculate about how he was feeling... he seemed to be just laying there, very un-Aidan like. (More on this later..........)

So, "copy" - "paste" - FREEZE. It took every bit of restraint I had, not to chuck the thing into the wall... just for the momentary joy of seeing it splinter into a hundred pieces.

So, I started working on it. I did all sorts of things... and nothing was making it any better. Off and on all night last night I tried to make it better. And I THOUGHT I had sort of fixed it... and I was so frustrated... and my husband was on the phone in the middle of an hour long yenta yap-fest... (which in itself was frustrating me) and I wrote ANOTHER entry, letting all that frustration out - and guess what!?!? Yes, it froze.

Here is where you give me a gold star for not hurling it across the room.

Ok, for the night... I gave up.

This morning, we get up - and my sweet baby boy - is bawling - saying his back hurts. He has a high fever... and he just will. not. calm. down.

Did I mention I was set to chaperone a field trip today!? Well... I was.

We calmed my little guy down... and gave him something for the fever. Thankfully today is the day the husband is off work... so we debated a trip to the emergency room (that is how upset he was over the pain) - and decided I would go onto chaperone... and we would play the hospital trip by ear. Well... he started hurting again after a tiny nap on his Daddy's lap.

Check another thing off that list I mentioned a while back - you know "I made it this far into parenthood without [fill in the blank here]" - today... the blank was "emergency room visit." I met my husband and baby boy there... and we got started. He was a real trooper, and feeling SO horrible. They took urine, they did an x-ray, they took BLOOD (he was SO good for it all) - all to say: "it's viral." Huh!? He was screaming in pain... and it's a virus!? Basically... they had no freaking clue. But, at least is wasn't a kidney infection or something bad.... (I have had those, I know how much they hurt.) They gave him some Motrin (as opposed to the Tylenol we had given him) - and within 20 minutes we was sort of bouncing around the emergency room.

So.... that was my terrifying parental scare for the YEAR. I was so worried about my baby boy.

Now that we are home, he is mostly okay. He seems to be hurting a bit just recently tonight, I just hope he is feeling better tomorrow.

Tonight I got home, and went to work on the computer... found and fixed some pretty big errors in the registry... and well... so far - so good. (And I am about to do the big test... "copy, paste" - !!!!)

I still want to write out all that sappy stuff from the other day............ just right now, I am enjoying listening to the sound of the rain. Sleep well everyone....

(Holy freaking crap - it isn't crashing!)

Posted Date: : Oct 11, 2007 7:11 PM

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