Saturday, September 8, 2012

Complaints... (yes, I still have some, sometimes.)

I am feeling just a bit frustrated at the moment. And not even over things that are really that important, in the big picture anyway...
If you don't want "too much information" - Stop reading now...

Yesterday my husband was being so sweet... and told me he wanted last night to be "for me" - you see where this is going. Well... by the time we got to bed, I was simply exhausted (situation mostly normal, though I think I have gotten better in this aspect) but my husband didn't quite get it... even when I directly said I am just REALLY tired. And in the end... he wanted to make sure *he* was taken care of. Ugghh... it just really struck me wrong last night, like it was so selfish.
Then of course he got back up - and I told him he was going to be tired today then, and want a nap, and then not be able to sleep again tonight, and the cycle would CONTINUE once more... he got up anyway... what is he doing now? Napping.
The past 4 months this has not been such a big deal.. but now he HAS a job... a job that we just got VERY good news on, that he starts on December 31st. (Much sooner than we planned.) And here he is, expecting to be able to take almost daily naps.
I know in the big picture these are little things that will simply blow over... but since they were just really getting under my skin today, I figured it was best to "get them out" rather than hold them in.
The past few days my husband and I, at least to me, don't seem to be communicating super well. Maybe it's just the stress we have both been under... I just feel like he has been extra snappy at times... yet he seems to feel the same way about me. Once again... something that I am sure will blow over on it's own within a day or so. Ups and downs are normal.

10:35 a.m.

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