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Day 9 - Peru Trip

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

Oh. My. God. I sat down here at 8:15 to write - and my roommate - though she is truly very sweet, came in - and that woman just gets on a roll - and I can NEVER find a polite way to say "oh, look, I want to write and GO TO SLEEP..." SO - I end up just trapped listening - now it is 10:30 and there is so much I wanted to say - but I don't want to rush through it. Well... I will just do my best...

Today we went to Saqsawaman temple (yes, when pronounced, it sounds very much like "sexy woman" and our guide said it is one of our 'source mountains' - but I have to ask exactly what that means so I can properly explain it to you....)

SO - this was a beautiful temple, overlooking Cusco - in the shadow of the ginormous Ausangate mountain. (A gorgeous 20,800 foot high snow covered mountain - it's name in Quetchua means "One who keeps the order.")

And so... we are hiking up to the temple (because EVERYTHING here comes with a hike!) And this man comes walking down to the lowest part of the temple carrying a CONDOR! A REAL condor. A condor is our Archetype of the North - a very special bird for us - so we are all drooling to get close to it. They let us close enough to take pictures at a distance - and when I stand up there beside him, I feel a tap on my back - I turned around expecting to see a person - maybe telling me it wasn't my turn yet or something... Imagine my surprise when I swing around and see the CONDOR had MOVED closer to me - and was gently nudging my back!!!

That was just amazing. A few moments later - he spread his wings, and flew away! All that time - none pf us realized he was a WILD condor. A true predator. The man explained he keeps coming back - so he was able to get a hold of him, and brought him down for us to see. (The bird was a baby by all standards, when male Condors reach about the age of 5, they get a white ruff around their neck, he did not have that yet.)

But that bird... that HUGE bird - tapped me so gently on the back! It was just amazing!!

I am getting super tired - so I am going to write more about this tomorrow... but today we received the Musok Rites. And they were as always - wonderful. All the rites are "transmitted" in the same way, but todays certainly felt different. The rites of the past few days (day keepers, wisdom keepers, earth keepers) have all connected very deeply to a past lineage - the lineage these wonderful Shaman are from - but the Musok Rites we received today, and the Creators rites we receive tomorrow (or the next day) all connect us to the lineage of who we are becoming. It is a very fascinating, and amazing thing.

And I better stop here, or I am going to just get on a roll - and I am really tired!!

Tomorrow we go to Killarumiyok - killa means moon, rumi means stone, and yok means power. (In Quechua) And I love the moon - so I am really excited to see this place! (It is the Temple of the Moon!) (I hope it is an easy hiking day! My poor legs need a rest!!)

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