Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Gotcha good huh?!

My poor, poor husband. You see, "April Fool's day" came a little early at my house this year. It came, last night.
Yesterday while my husband was at work, my brother totally cleaned out my garage for me. He put all the Christmas boxes actually INTO all the nice neat cabinets I have in there, and organized everything, from front to back. And apparently, with it all organized, my truck can actually FIT into my garage.
Who knew?
So, I pulled the truck into the garage... and did not tell my poor unsuspecting husband anything about it. And I waited...
I had it all planned out too. Waiting for him to get home, I was expecting him to come flying into the house asking, "if you are home, where is the truck?!?" And I was going to respond with "right in the driveway, of course! What do you mean it is not in the driveway??? Someone stole our truck?!?" Which would put him into a panic, until I broke down laughing and told him.... to go check the garage.
At least, that is what I had all planned out. But leave it to my husband to not follow the "rules."
He comes home, walks right in the house.... and goes about his business. I am trying to hold it together... my brother is trying to hold it together..... and he says nothing. Finally I say "didn't you notice something was missing when you got home?" And he gives me the most puzzled look in the world, and starts looking around the room.
Ok... *bangs head into desk* - "No, when you came in the door, when you pulled into the driveway, nothing seemed 'OFF' to you?" And he just looks at me...........
I said, with the most serious face I could muster "Sweetie, the truck was stolen today, I didn't tell you because you have enough to do...." (and his facial expression here was priceless) - he says "WHAT!?!?! No way.. really???" And I said "YES, I have the police report and everything, want to see?" As I feign turning around to get it... "didn't you notice the truck NOT in the driveway...?"
Poor guy... he was totally oblivious. (For the record, if the truck had been in the driveway, with where he parked, he would have been on top of it!)
At that point I could not hold myself together anymore... and broke into laugher telling him to check the garage. And we all had a really good laugh about it. He just felt horrible he did not even notice the truck was gone!!! (He has been running himself too hard lately, hopefully things will calm down a bit for him soon.)
I am sure he is going to get me back... but it's ok, I can take it!
The look on his face was priceless!
I am really looking forward to my next trip! It is amazing how much traveling I have ahead of me in just one months time! On the 24th, it is off to Chicago - well, just outside of Chicago, then onto St. Louis. (Well, a good bit outside of St. Louis.) Even though I am having to deal with a plane ride - 2 actually... well... 4 total... the means is well worth the end result.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

4:41 p.m.

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