Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Snow Days

I actually have so much on my mind tonight it is just ridiculous. But... I decided for the sake of the moment, to just stick with all the good, happy stuff... and I will leave the stressful nonsense, and worrisome problems for another time.
We got our first (not really) decent snow of the season the other night. It left maybe 3 inches on the ground. Which, of course had me completely bummed (give me 18 inches, then I am happy - I enjoy the workout of shoveling the snow.) But - it turns out, it was just the perfect amount to let my babies outside for their very first real romp in the snow!
They had such a wonderful time! I got my brother out of the house in it too... he even had a blast. (It was nice to see him having fun for a change, he has decided to just stay down in that basement like a hermit until he gets his chance to go back to Texas.)
But my babies... they were just absolutely loving it! It is looking more and more like we just might get a real storm Friday morning! That would be wonderful. I love to watch the snow fall during the day... and everything gets so silent, and still... then again, it will be a coastal storm - which has awesome wind with it too.
And on a totally unrelated subject... I got a new "toy!" Everyone had been complaining to me about the keys on my keyboard... 80% of them had scratched off, so you could not read what letter it was. It didn't bother me, I don't even look at the board as I type... but it was apparently hurting my husband's hunt and peck method. And my step-daughter had made some grumbles too... along with a friend of ours that stopped by last week... (all jokingly and well intended though.) So... I went on a hunt for a keyboard. I did not want a wireless one unless the battery could be constantly recharged... and then, I found a lighted one. Now, I thought this was just too cool... but the price was crazy. So - I went to my trusty friend ebay and started looking.
I found the most awesome keyboard.... with every "extra" key I could imagine, AND a lit scroll wheel (which I saw nothing close to this at the other places I had looked) for.. get this.. just under $20! Want to see: It is THIS one. And it is just too neat. I was going to wait until Christmas to unveil it... but it got here, and I just could not help myself. Not to mention... my husband (hopefully) likes it as much as I do... and I think my step-daughter will adore the thing... but I am the one that uses it the most... so I figured, why wait?
Ok... enough about that... I will run for now... I have an "Elmo knows your name" doll to program before wrapping it... (my baby boy is going to love it!) So... I leave you with pictures. (Some of these are from a set I took, trying to get a "perfect" picture to send out with my Christmas cards... they ALL came out adorable! How do I pick just one?)
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Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com   Photo Hosted at Buzznet.com
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