Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Store trips and Birthday's!

Another update here.
I just feel like out of nowhere I was hit with this energy drain - I could almost just close my eyes, and fall asleep right in my chair at the moment.
And.. my damn ear still hurts. So badly too. Hopefully by tomorrow the antibiotics will have started working enough to make some of the pain stop. It is really driving me crazy. Tomorrow morning I am going to get up as early as I can make myself... I *hope* to get up, and be out the door by about 7:30 - I know places are opening early these days with Christmas coming up... and I have so many errands I would like to run. And so much for my babies for Christmas I would like to get...
But I am just so tired of losing an entire weekend, or an entire day out of the weekend running around doing things I now can't do at night during the week, because of the hours my husband is having to keep. So... my plan anyway, is to get up and out REALLY early, so hopefully I can get to the half a dozen places I would like to stop at good and early - and be home around noon.
Well... maybe not noon, because I want to get my hair cut while I am out... and I know the wait for that on a Saturday will take a bit. But I refuse to lose the entire day again...
And... my brother is going with me. This will either work out just fine - or annoy the hell out of me. Hopefully things will go ok though.
Anyway... all of this is just mundane - there is one thing I have not even mentioned in here yet... that is very overdue!
Today is my husband's birthday! (I love you sweetheart!) He has a stop to make on his way home from work... even with that, I am hoping with everything I have he gets home a bit earlier than normal - or if not.. simply that I can keep the kids awake for him! I have plans he (hopefully) does not even know about! (I will put all that in my next entry though, incase he reads any of this before I get to do any of it later!)
I guess that is all I have for now... I will be around though, I can promise that.

4:48 p.m.

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