Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Virginia Trip, Part 2

I should have done this update right away... now it has probably lost some of the spark it would have had the first day we got home. But I am sure whatever I leave out, Nikia will make up for in her entry, that I KNOW is coming!

Saturday went truly wonderfully! Jillian was just an absolute dream the entire time. I was extremely worried she would be super shy, and not want to get involved with anything, but she was my little social butterfly! She said "Hi" to everyone, and only had a couple of cranky moments at the end of the day, simply because she had been too busy to get her nap.

The shower was wonderful... the food was great, and the adorable cake tasted amazing. And I just can not get over what a ball of sunshine my baby girl was for the entire day! Even after the shower, we went and did some shopping, then did MORE shopping, and went to dinner... and through it all, it was just a wonderful time. We do have to get back down there though when things are a little less rushed, so we can just s-l-o-w down and enjoy each other's company for a while. However, that probably will not happen for a while now! Even though I am going to try to get there for the birth of Nikia's adorable baby in April, that certainly will not be a "slow" few days!!!

I really, really should have written this update the other day when I wanted too - I know there are a dozen other things I wanted to say, that I just can not remember at the moment.

Going home on the train, my baby girl was not nearly as enthused about spending the day on the train as she had been going down there. I had a few moments where I wished I had brought earplugs for everyone sitting around us. But thankfully, most of them seemed to understand.

While I am on the subject of traveling, I am also getting to take another trip this month. This time... on a plane. (Have I mentioned how much I hate flying?) I even looked up taking the train, but from New York to Missouri, would be a reallllllllyyyyy long train ride. So... I will swallow my fear, and just do it. I know it will be a wonderful, much needed weekend though. (More updates on all that fun can be found here: Moonwhispers. - the password is available, just email me.)

Ok, that is all I can write for now. There is so much more I want to say, but I need a moment of quiet to do it... you know - without my adorable munchkins running in circles around me!

6:02 p.m.

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