Friday, September 7, 2012

8 days... (and counting)

I am so proud of my baby girl. Last night she slept in her bed, all night. She did not wake up once. I woke up a dozen times or so to check on her, but each time she was just sound asleep. she must have rolled into a hundred different positions, and yet managed to not roll off the mattress... yet she slept... all night, all by herself, in HER room. Now, I know that may be the only time she does it this week. But it's progress. And a HUGE step in the right direction.

Speaking of which, are all toddlers just walking accidents waiting to happen? My sweet angel, when one bruise heals, she always manages to get another one... and recently they always seem to be on her face. The scratch she got on her nose from I don't know where last week has just begun to heal well... and today, she is playing in the living room with me close by, being just as adorable as ever... and she fell right on her drum. Now, she has a swollen bottom lip, and a big bruise below that. I tried to get ice on it... but getting ice on an already crying 14 month old is nearly impossible. I just hate when she gets hurt. She is the most precious person in the world to me... Now, of course she seems unfazed by it... I just know I can never really tell. I wish I could pad my entire house until she is more sure on her feet.

I go to the Dr. tomorrow, and I hope there is some sort of "progress." I feel like I am getting close. And if I'm not, I sure need to be. My body just can't take it anymore. It hurts to stand or walk, it's like he is so heavy on my hips. I did not feel this way when I was pregnant with my daughter... it makes me think he is bigger... eesh.... hopefully not too much bigger. (She was 8lbs 1 oz.) I just want to make it to Saturday before going into labor, that way he will be a Sagittarius, like his daddy. But - I hope I go into labor at 12:01 am Saturday morning!!!! I also hope whenever I go into labor, it does not require a stay at the hospital during Thanksgiving. Being home... with family and my baby girl are very, very important to me.

2:45 p.m.

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