Saturday, September 8, 2012

A great weekend

Well... my little guys birthday went great, as did the day after, Thanksgiving.
The entire weekend went wonderfully actually. I got all my Christmas stuff up, and the house looks wonderful. It's exactly how I pictured and that really makes me happy. Now I just hope we somehow have the money to give the children something for Christmas... I know I will pull it off... I always have.
On a very good note... my husband got a job Wednesday! The only catch is he doesn't start until the first week of January, so we are still without income for all of December. If it wasn't for the help with the rent and our NY mortgage his Aunt has given us... we would have sunk months ago. I have no idea how we will ever repay her... but right now I am just trying to focus on that fact that it is keeping us afloat.
I think the long very, very FULL weekend did take its toll on me though. I am so tired... when I close my eyes sitting here at the desk I have actually nodded off several times. My husband was just as tired... so he is sleeping in, and then I *hope* to get a nap later. It probably won't happen... I have such trouble sleeping like that during the day. But at least I am sure he will let me sleep in tomorrow then.
It's amazing... I have wanted Christmas in this house for what feels like so long.. and now it's finally almost here! I am really looking forward to this Christmas because my baby girl is really going to "get" it. When I put the garland and lights on the banister, and on the tree and such, she walked around going "how pretty!!!!!" And it was just SO SO adorable! I can't wait to take her to Santa (though she might cry, I am prepared for it and certainly won't force her to sit with him!) and I can't wait to drive around and look at all the decorated houses...
I love Christmas anyway but now... now that my children are big enough to enjoy it too... it's just going to get better and better.
I think that's all I have to say for now...

10:20 a.m.

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