Saturday, September 8, 2012

A day to remember

I had not remembered... I can't believe I had forgotten.
Though, in a way I suppose it's good... I should look at the bright side and say it means I don't dwell on it as much any longer... but still... I have always, and always will use this day to quietly connect with my father in some way. Though it had no real "meaning" to him...
It is, after all, World AIDS day.
My father died from AIDS. Actually... I know damn well if he had not taken the AZT (drug commonly prescribed to AIDS patients) he would still be alive today. However, that doesn't mean he did not HAVE AIDS, and that he was not susceptible to becoming sick more easily. This, I know. I say this, because some of the things I just read made my stomach turn. AIDS may have been government created (call it a conspiracy theory if you will... it's MY opinion) however that does not make it a "fraud."
I had a completely different, much more lighthearted entry I was going to write... but it can wait.
Support World AIDS Day

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