Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A simple desire

I emailed Diana's Grove yesterday... actually for the second time... (I got no reply the first time...) basically begging them to take the $175 2006 enrollment fee from me in spurts of $30 every 2 weeks until it is paid.
If they say no... well.. I will truly be devastated. I wanted to participate for this, the 2005 year too... but last year at this time, our finances were even worse off than they are now.
I hope they reply this time at least... because to get their attention, thinking maybe my last email was somehow thought of as spam or something, I simply submitted the registration form... with everything but my credit card information.. and a long, long, detailed note at the bottom.
For all I know though.. they have had problems doing this for people in the past.. and simply have a say "no" policy.
I guess I will find out.
If not.. well.. I will make one more effort to get my husband to understand how important it is to me... and just maybe we can "force" the money out of his check on Tuesday. (The money is due by the 30th.) But doing that I would feel horribly guilty... I would rather spend that kind of money right now on my baby boy's birthday things... and on Christmas. And on my husband's birthday too.

10:53 a.m.

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