Tuesday, September 11, 2012

This and That

I have been spending a lot of time since I did my last entry, just purely frustrated. And that really bothers me... and I really just wish some aspects of my life would just calm down already. I really wanted to go into the Holiday's with things at least a little more sane.
Speaking of the holidays... I have been feeling unusually uninterested. I mean... I am all for it... I love Thanksgiving, and I love Christmas.... but normally at this point I am counting the days... but this year I just feel somehow "detached." I am looking forward to it and all... I even started decorating this weekend... to try and get myself more into it... but the gung ho attitude still eludes me.
I think I am still getting over being "out voted" for Thanksgiving. I am a bit irked it will not be at my house this year. Aside from the fact that then I could do the Turkey (past years when it has not been at my house, the Turkey has been one of the pre-done ones, and less than desirable) - my house is also the most baby friendly... and I am the one with the babies... my house is the most uncluttered.... and I just am having trouble still fully grasping the insistence that it be held where it is. But I will be quiet... because the very last thing I want to do is hurt anyone's feelings. I guess I will just have my own internal frustrations and irritations until the big day... (Christmas Eve will not be here either... that one is never here... and nobody will come out for Christmas either... but at least THAT one I KNOW I WILL make sure I have HERE. If it is just us.. then so be it... will be calmer that way anyway.)
I know one of these days I will get over it... after-all, Thanksgiving this year is also my sweet baby boy's second birthday. Which I still have so much to prepare for!!!
I just despise feeling so much stress over a time of year I love so much.
Well... somehow I managed to totally go off in a direction I did NOT plan on with this... so... I will leave you with the knowledge that I also updated here, and even here today. Guess I am on a roll!
Oh yeah.. I started the entry talking about frustrations. I guess the holiday thing is a stronger one than I thought. That is not all though.. don't worry. There is still my workout frustrations, (which I am doing... just the results are so much slower coming than I expected...) and there are money frustrations... and all that fun stuff too...

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