Saturday, September 8, 2012

A visitor on the horizon?

So... it seems quite definite. My husband got the job, and will start sometime in the first 2 weeks of January. Have I breathed a sign of relief yet? Not completely...not until after his first day or work will that begin to happen... and I am sure it will take until at least the first paycheck to really sink in. Then of course we will begin repairing the damage the past few months have caused.
Last night, my mother mentioned to me she wants to come visit, with my older brother. Now... I am no fool. I know the chances of this actually coming to fruition are slim to... uhhh... none, but it doesn't stop me from being excited about the possibility. She has not seen my babies since January of this year - since my baby boy wasn't even 2 months old yet. So yes, I am excited.
My husband reacted as expected... though it would have been nice if he had thrown in a "I hope she really does make it I know what it would mean to you" sentence somewhere... the "shit his pants" expression on his face I suppose will have to do. I have to at least give him credit for this, it did make me laugh. (It's no secret my husband and mother do *NOT* get along. But at least my older brother would be here as well to help diffuse the tension... I know how much he has wanted to meet my children, he has not even MET them yet... and that would mean so much to me.
Anyway... can't blame me for at least crossing my fingers.
I swear I had more to write... oh well. I am also hoping for a white Christmas... there is snow in the forecast in the coming week...

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