Saturday, September 8, 2012

I can SEE the light!

We finally got the rent from the tenants today.
So, my husband has headed into downtown Chicago (a hike) to deposit the money orders, because even though they are MONEY ORDER's (used to go in right away as cash) the bank still insists they will take 2 business days to clear. He can talk to the nice people directly at the bank we opened the account at however and hopefully bypass that, and at least some of the over $200 in over draft charges we have accumulated over the past 2 weeks.
I really hate money.
That said - I will actually be able to provide my babies with a Christmas - small... but it will be something. I am going to get my baby girl this. I think she will really adore that. I am not sure yet what "big" toy my little guy will get... but my very good friend is going to watch my munchkin's for me tomorrow... and my husband and I will actually get to go shopping together - alone together. I honestly have no clue when the last time we did that was. Maybe we can even sneak in a cheap lunch... (I can dream anyway right?)
So... finally the light at the end of the tunnel has gotten closer. My husband goes in Tuesday to meet the Vice President (I think that's who he is meeting) of the company he starts with in January... I am pretty sure I can make the money we have now stretch for groceries and such into the first week of January... I think I have the distinct sensation of the weight beginning to lift off my shoulders.
And.. I really love my new template - but... I may tweak it a bit in the coming days... there is just "something" not quite right with it for me.
Have a great weekend everyone!

12:46 p.m.

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