Saturday, September 8, 2012


I feel like everything is getting to me today... and I am trying to not let it bring me down.
Yesterday we had a frightening reminder of just how much we need to be back home... and now. My husband's mother had stopped at the hospital to bring his dad dinner... and see him, like she always does. After she had parked (but thankfully before she stepped out of the car) a woman lost control of her car (hitting the accelerator instead of the brake) and slammed into her.
She is ok... she is very sore and has bruised ribs, but things could have been much worse. And, she was at the best place to have an accident, that is for sure. You can't ask for better than being parked in front of the hospital. And, even many of the nurses and such know her, she has been there nearly every day for over a year for my father-in-law.
Her car, could have fared better... it was totaled. She was hit hard. Now things will just be even more difficult for her, until she can get things settled with the insurance on the car, and get a new one and all... all the more reason for us to be back there, where we should be. I am just extremely thankful she was not standing right outside the car... she had JUST parked.
I just feel vulnerable today. I want so much. I want something as simple as to be able to order a pizza for dinner... or go to the store and get diapers and milk, without counting pennies... and all that will improve almost immediately once we get home.
I am also concerned about our tax money. It was being sent to our house in NY, but the mail forwarding is still sending things here from there. (Letting it go that way was much quicker than fixing the address through the IRS.) But I still worry. And it is not here yet. Though, we won't hit the "panic" button until next week sometime.
And my head hurts. (What's new?) And I just feel "down" today... And all the car accidents recently just have me freaked the hell out... (have I mentioned we are driving 876 miles across the country at the end of the month?)
And I am tired. But I shouldn't be, I have been sleeping... just not well. Hopefully I will snap out of this mood soon. Getting rid of the headache would help. But I still feel like I am waiting to hear more bad news. This is so unsettling.

2:15 p.m.

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