Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Action Packed December (With Pictures!!)

I promise you, I did not have some sudden memory lapse over the last month and forget how to type. I really, really promise.
I will try to do this in chronological order - so I don't leave anything out!
The first part of December was totally stuffed. We had meeting after meeting with evaluators for my baby girl. The result has been pretty much what we expected. I go pick up the full "results" package tomorrow - but the woman on the phone told me what their official diagnosis is, and what they are recommending. They have diagnosed her with a Pervasive Development Disorder - High Functioning Autism, and are recommending to the school board at our big meeting on January 10th that she have Speech and Occupational Therapy. And an aide to go with her every day to pre-school OR to take her out of her private pre-school and to put her into an integrated program, where the class has specially trained teachers, and about half of the students have various special needs, and half are just there for the regular classroom. All of this with the hopes she will be able to handle a normal kindergarten class - with the assistance of an aide.
If she had told me all of this last week - I would have pushed for the aide to come to Jillian's pre-school. But now today I learned her teacher is leaving... so - I am thinking I will push for her to just switch schools at this point. A lot of it depends on what resistance I hit at this meeting on the 10th. They try to make it sound so intimidating - but the truth is - I have researched our rights, and her diagnosis simply gives the school district no wiggle room - they HAVE to provide these things for us. (Much to our bank accounts happiness, because going it on our own, would be REALLY costly.) So - THAT was my early December.
Then I had this wonderful weekend - which really should be devoted to an entry all it's own. But it was a workshop that took my Medicine Wheel training to the next level... and just got me really, REALLY excited for the future. My confidence is up, and all sorts of things. I will have to write about this more some other time... but honestly, I could even see myself in the role of teacher with it in a few years. Now THAT would be amazing.
Christmas was nice, and enjoyable. My husband's best friend - my children's Uncle Glenn is my hero! He BUILT and put up a mantle over my fireplace! It was my one issue with this house... no mantle - and now, I have one!!! See:
Photo Hosted at Buzznet

Photo Hosted at Buzznet
It is perfect! And amazing! And I was so happy to be able to get my Christmas stuff on it for a couple of weeks! Now that the Christmas stuff is down, I am going to stain it to a darker color, and then I get to fill it with candles and photographs!
Watching my children on Christmas morning was just a wonderful sight. From my daughter running in and going RIGHT to her Jeep (yes, she got a Jeep - one she can DRIVE... I had to get it for her because my brother got Aidan a Lightning McQueen he could drive... fair is fair...) to my little guy having to open all of his presents from INSIDE his new car! The smiles on their faces, the wonder of the magic of Santa, and the happiness in their eyes just made everything so perfect. It was really a day to just be TOGETHER. We need more of those. Here are some pictures from Christmas:
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Photo Hosted at Buzznet   Photo Hosted at Buzznet
Photo Hosted at Buzznet
Then this past weekend, on the 30th I took my baby girl, and my mother with me all the way to Goshen, NY (what we call upstate here on the Island, though really, it isn't THAT far away) for an overnight trip. My Medicine Wheel teacher, and a woman I respect very deeply as a Shaman had her 50th birthday party. The entire family was invited, but I just made it a trip for the girls. In the invite there was one small sentence instructing us to bring our drums if we wanted, and I was THRILLED that I did! (I have 2 djembe's - stock photo, mine are prettier!) Anyway - she is in an African drumming circle, and her group, and teacher was there. So - there was about 120 of us... nearly ALL with drums, in a huge circle... (those that didn't have drums, they had extra) and he went through a quick lesson - and we all just had a really awesome experience! Even my Jillian was drumming - and dancing away! If they were closer, it would really be something I would do all of the time.
Our New Years Eve, and Day were nice and peaceful. Just the way I like it.
I know I have more to update on.. but it took me so long to get this typed out! I will leave you with more pictures though... because I love showing off my babies!
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Photo Hosted at Buzznet
Photo Hosted at Buzznet
I just adore that picture of them kissing!!!
My intention at this moment, is tomorrow I will update again, and it will include new and exciting things, along with all of the things I forgot to mention in THIS entry!!!
Have a wonderful night!

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