Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Busy, busy days!

SO much has happened since the last time I wrote! I really do want to stick an extra hour in the day sometimes, or two or three hours honestly. Just so I can keep up with things better!
Thanksgiving went well, it was nice and quiet for us. I still made a turkey and stuffing... but we just had days worth of leftovers. But it was nice. A dramatic change from years past, but much needed this year.
THEN, the next day was my little man's third birthday!! Both of my angels are growing up way too fast it seems. But my Aidan - he has been 'acting' three for so long now... he is just growing up extra fast, and I just want it all to slow down a little!!!
Normally I would have put all of my Christmas stuff up the day before Thanksgiving. But with this year being so different, I waited. And waited. And finally it felt like I was being forced to put it all up - practically kicking and screaming. And this was totally out of character for me. And I am pretty good at self-analyzing my flaws... but I could NOT figure this one out. Decorating the house for Christmas is something I look forward to for months before actually doing it.
Well, everything is pretty much up, inside the house anyway. I have more I want to put up in here... I just don't have a spot for it, yet. And I have found my desire to get the front of the house done too... I just have to wait until the end of this weekend - there are more lights I need from the store I can't buy until then. And this weekend, I will not even be HOME to do it. So - I have an appointment with Christmas lights - to put them up in my front yard, once I am back home Sunday, around 5 pm. (I am really looking forward to this weekend, we are moving to the next 'direction' in the Inca Medicine Wheel I am studying!!)
Now, this week is just going to be non-stop. Ending with my very full weekend, mostly away from home. Yesterday my baby girl had a 2 1/2 hour evaluation for the sake of getting her services and such through the school district. Yesterday we met with a psychologist, and someone else that took a total, and very thorough history of everything she has ever done from me. Today we have at least a one hour evaluation with a speech therapist. Thursday an evaluation with an occupational therapist. Then next Tuesday one with a physical therapist. We just have to take it one day at a time... yesterday they gave me an idea of where they are leaning with their "diagnosis." But they won't officially say anything until next week sometime.
Then we are going to have to all go (myself, and all the evaluators) up in front of a school board panel of some sort, to see what services they will provide us with. (They make it sound intimidating on purpose.) Thankfully I have some wonderful friends, who have told me I have ample resources - including an advocate that will go to the panel meeting with me, if I feel like I need it. (I will decide on that once I get a feel for how the evaluators think the school district handles everything.)
So - that is what I have been doing these days.
My husband has been working on this major life attitude overhaul the past few days. And I have to say - it is working wonderfully. And it is thankfully contagious. He still has not touched a cigarette. It will be FIVE WEEKS this Friday. I am so very proud of him for that. His attitude change is mostly unrelated - he is just doing everything he can to think more positively about everything. Whatever he is doing - something is working. I have felt closer to him in the past couple of days than I have in a long time. So much so that I did something last night that - he probably doesn't even realize how huge of a thing it was. I showed him my mesa. (It is a shamans medicine bag, it will grow over my 2 year training, which this weekend I go into more deeply.)
Anyway - the natives are getting restless... I need to get off the computer now. But I will keep you all posted on the events of the week!!

9:50 a.m.

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