Tuesday, September 11, 2012

And "Anti-diagnosis" diagnosis - but a diagnosis, nonetheless

Well, here we are. So, the doctors appointment for my baby girl yesterday went quite well. I think I like the guy, and for the most part I like his ideas. SO - now what? Well, he is really "anti-label" like my husband. And I am too for that matter, though I want to be able to know where to identify with - where to go for additional help and all. So, after pushing a bit for an actual "diagnosis" he said she does in fact seem to have "an Autism Spectrum Disorder" - and the closet I can get from him in medical terminology is "Pervasive Developmental Disorder - Not Otherwise Specified." Which is becoming a common diagnosis - which is why he was hesitant to give it. It is getting used too often. SO - he wants us to not focus on the wording, and just focus on getting her all the help she could possibly need.

I could not agree more. Unfortunately the "wording" will be needed for the school district. Which is who I get to call tomorrow. He wants her to have occupational and speech therapy. This ought to be "fun." Yes - that was pure sarcasm. We have avoided putting her in the "system" up to this point. This is in fact part of the reason we went TO him, and not just to the school for the "diagnosis." BUT - things at this point would get quite costly if we DON'T use the school district. Grreeaattttt.

The doctor DID give us a diet to try with her. He said he has had good results with it in the past... which means not only changing HER diet - but changing everyone's diet. I knew this was a possibility with all the research I have done. At least to a point. He wants us to go gluten free. THAT I can handle. He also wants us to go DAIRY free. That one has thrown me for a loop. (I like cheese!!) But... we will give it a try, and hope for the best. I am going to phase it in - and slowly phase out things they are used to. (I have 3 boxes of macaroni in the pantry to use up, that sort of thing.) But by this time next week... probably sooner - we will be going strong with it. At least with the gluten free part. The dairy is harder to accomplish - they are so used to getting milk at night and in the morning - and ANY routine change like that would really throw her for a loop. So - one step at a time. So, the gluten goes first.

And that is where we stand. I think I have an idea of what we face now at least. And it is more than I expected, actually. With all the therapy things he listed off to me today - I was pretty surprised.

Wish me luck in calling the school tomorrow.

6:38 p.m.

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