Saturday, September 8, 2012

%$#!&@!$ !

I just did the most ignorant thing in the world. Or the most clumsy thing... I am not sure. It's just one of those things, the instant I did it, I realized I had done it, and it was too late to be undone. My entire AOL buddy list, is gone. No longer exists. I meant to delete an individual name.... the bar jumped up to the top of the group (the one I have ALL the people I talk to under) and I hit delete again in reflex, thinking it was going to land below the name I had just deleted, because I wanted to remove that one too. And it was done... my entire AOL list, gone. 8 years of names... wiped out in a single clumsy stroke.
Now, I know it is not that big a deal. But damn it, it is going to take a hell of a lot of work to get it all back. I am just really irritated with myself.
Anyway... < / whine >.
Then again... maybe I will whine some more... along with some shameless patting myself on the back... instead of "exercising" today, at least on the treadmill, I finally got off my ass and tackled the garage. Yep... if a moving truck was to pull up tomorrow... at least the garage is ready and willing to go. Now if only it was that easy. But wow... am I feeling it. My hip hurts so much more from that than from the walking I did yesterday. And I am going to walk tomorrow... Yippee!! I will just be a ball of pleasure by tomorrow night! (Yes, that was pure sarcasm.)
We got the rent from our tenants today. They still will not answer the phone. So, at least we have money to pay some bills and stock up on groceries now. In some way though I think my husband and I are both a bit disappointed they paid up... evicting them would have gotten them out before June 1st... but now we go back to plan "A" - or "B" or whatever letter you want to assign it. I will write them a letter saying in a much more bullshit filled manner that there is no way in hell under any circumstance we would ever consider renewing the lease for their sorry asses and to be out June 1st, no we won't go month to month, no we won't give them and extra month, June 1st we are going to reclaim our house - good bye and good riddance.  I just can't believe the nerve they have.. like they think they determine the due date of the monthly rent and owe us no explanation or anything. Ok... just breathe... they will be gone in due time.
So... here I sit. No buddy list. Wow does my back and hip hurt... and I just don't know what else to say. What I would do for a good strong pain pill right now though... it's ok... someday we will have insurance again.... someday...
I leave you with my horoscope for today... it really made sense to me... in one of those "damn that's creepy" ways...
You have one mission, and one mission only: to decide how best to divorce yourself from the jealousy and resentment around you. However you do it, get rid of the baggage. It's time to live your life, unencumbered.
I second that thought...

9:50 p.m.

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