Monday, September 10, 2012

Clarification and Update

Ok, first off...
In the dream I had that I mentioned in today's entry... just to clarify something for all of you who know the real story... and what happened with my husband losing his job, what his first quote in the dream actually was is: "Someone that had just started working with me right before I was fired..."
Just to clear up any confusion.
And as far as the job search goes... it is Friday. Friday. [Insert terrified scream here.] And we still have no concrete news about a job. He did another phone interview today. The job he was supposed to "absolutely have a second meeting with this week" - well.. never had a second meeting with him. But, they did call and say they are working on it and want to see him nest week.
The one bright spot is from the interview he had on Tuesday. They keep saying they really want him... and they are supposed to be getting him an offer on Monday. Now I know they were checking references today... they called asking for additional information... which worries me greatly. Why do they need MORE information. I guess we will see. Everything just feels way too out of my control.
As of tomorrow the mortgage is officially late. (It has been late since the 2nd.) But it is now "show up on our credit report" late. The, they will call us every day to make us feel like dead-beat shit heads late. All we can do is take things one day at a time.
I officially transferred all but $1.04 from our savings account today. It will be in our checking account Monday. (Transferred from ING, the $1 still there... that is the interest I had earned.) I was so proud of that $300 I had managed to get in there too.
I sure hope he gets that offer on Monday. Things will get really hard on us really fast if he doesn't.

5:15 p.m.

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