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Day 11 - Peru Trip

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

Today was our "free" day in Cusco. And it was nice to have the chance to walk around, shop in the city, and eat a nice lunch with some of the people I have become closet too on this trip.

I looked in all of the stores, and I got a thing or two - and I just enjoyed the day off from all the hiking. (My legs and hip are really thanking me too!)

We got to drive "home" in the sunset, which is gorgeous over the mountains. And the period of "twilight" here is grandly extended from what I am used too - because the sun "sets" behind the huge mountain tops pretty early - but doesn't stop illuminating the sky until it is beyond the TRUE horizon.

Things are getting a little sad - everyone has started exchanging numbers though.. so I know I WILL get to keep in tough with everyone. And I cannot wait to see my babies!!! Though I have realized I am insane - I land at 2:30 am on Sunday, which means I arrive at home hopefully by 4:30 am Sunday - my husband knows to let me sleep some - but he won't be able to contain the kids forever - and I have to get up, shower, and take Jilly to a birthday party! Yes - I am nuts! (The party is at 12.) Maybe I can talk Daddy into doing it...? He proclaimed by text message the other day "I like being Mr. Mom" - Maybe I can hold him to that for a few extra hours? I guess we will see!

Tomorrow we go to Tipon - the Temple of the Flowers. It sounds like a wonderful place. We will receive the Humpe Rites tomorrow. These are normally the first rites given - and I have received them once already - but Alberto explained this in such a wonderful way:

"You get these rites when you begin the wheel, to awaken your power to heal yourself... you are getting them tomorrow at the END of the wheel, to awaken your power to heal others."

And that just sums it all up.

It's late, and I am quite tired - I can't wait to tell you about tomorrow's adventure, tomorrow!

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