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Day 12 - Peru Trip

Friday, July 6th, 2007

So, this is it. But it is not the ending of something - it is the beginning. The beginning of the rest of my life with these beautiful gifts the Shaman's have given me.

First though, I want to mention a little happening that happened to me last night. When I was done writing, I put my journal away, and turned off all the lights. My roommate was already sleeping... so I turned off the lights, and got myself settled down under the covers - facing the window. (MY bed is closest to the window, not the bathroom.) Behind me, I hear the plastic bad I had put into the garbage bin a few hours earlier start to crinkle. And it kept going. So... I am starting to worry there is a mouse or something in it - I turn on the light - and the noise instantly stops. It felt like I stared at that bag for 10 minutes (probably more like 5) and I didn't hear a peep. I wanted to wake my room-mate up - I mean, this had been loud! But her stomach had been upset, so I was determined to handle it on my own. I laid down (from my confused, sitting position) and decided, if I pretended I hadn't heard it, then there was nothing to worry about. So, I turned off the light, and settled in, and there - was the sound.

I swung around and flipped on the light - it stopped! So, I grabbed the pen from the nightstand and walked to the bag (I just new a mouse was going to jump out at me!) - I saw nothing. I poked at the bag with the pen, nothing. I picked it up, and checked the rest of the (empty) trash can... nothing.

I wish I could tell you I figured out what it was... I went back to bed, turned out the lights, again - and listened to the bag crinkle for another 5 minutes before it stopped and I was able to get to sleep!

And that brings me to today. Today came with varied emotions - extreme excitement to go home and see my babies - and some sadness at leaving the wonderful new friend's I have made. But I have all their numbers, and again - this is the beginning of something - not the end!

Today we went to Tipon, the Temple of the Flowers, and we had a wonderful closing ceremony there. We had our 3 large circles of the 3 busses that were there (the other 3 are in Cusco today and came to Tipon yesterday) - But they mixed us up. They told us to pick a circle - each one represented one of the worlds (used in Shamanic journeying - Upper, Middle, and Lower) - But the catch was - we were not to know which world we picked until we were there. Interestingly enough I picked the Lower World - and there were not that many of us in our circle. So, we did our despacho, and received the Humpe Rites (mentioned yesterday) and then we did a beautiful thing - joined all 3 worlds. It was VERY nice. We credited everyone, the guides and teachers, and then we had some free time. Tipon is a beautiful temple with these amazing fountains built by the Inca that still work today. They are used to cleanse and purify the Luminous Energy Field, Charka's and such - so a lot of us took our turns dunking our heads in them (and some dunked much more!) I was perfectly content with just my hair!! It was a really wonderful way to end this amazing journey, and begin my next!!

Tonight we had a simple fire ceremony, and currently I can hear a lot of people having a grand time at the bar - but I am on the first bus out in the morning - at 5 am, I wanted to come pack, write, and SLEEP!

I talked to the kids before they went to bed tonight... my sweet, sweet Aidan started CRYING to me on the phone! "I NEED you Mommy, you need to come hooommmeeee..." I just BROKE my heart!

Little buddy, I am getting there as fast as I can!!

(Stay tuned for a trip synopsis - which may take another day or so to get up!)

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