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Day 7 - Peru Trip

Sunday, July 1, 2007

This is obviously a rhetorical statement - but today was an absolutely amazing day! We went to Moray - the Temple of the Feminine. And we received our Alto-Mesayok rites.

The Alto-Mesayok rites are the rites of the Wisdom Keepers. You see, Shaman's are careful observer's of nature. It is their (our) science.

And I am losing what I am trying to say here - plenty of people know a lot of information. But there is a difference in reading a library full of books and storing a lot of information in your head - and having a wealth of knowledge.

Information means H2O = water. (I can't remember how to make the typed 2 little... sorry!) *smile*

Knowledge - is knowing how to make it rain.

The Shaman's I am blessed enough to be spending these 2 weeks with... any one of them could "pray rain."

But those are just tricks. And the world doesn't need tricks. They are trying for much more important things - that takes a lot of minds dreaming the same dream - world peace, world abundance, etc.

The second law of thermodynamics is Entropy. [The tendency for all matter and energy in the universe to evolve toward a state of inert uniformity.] Everything moves towards Chaos. You can chase your children through the house cleaning up after them - and the moment you are 'done' - the other end of the house is a complete mess again.

Milk will go from milk in the glass, to milk on the floor. - But you do not see the milk jump from the floor, back into the glass.

Anyway - life defied chaos - and moved toward higher levels of complexity.

The Shaman called this Jaguar. And it has been our West direction.

Now, we are in the North. And I just went off on a good old, jump ALL over the place entry - didn't I?!

Anyway - the North. The Archetype for the North is Hummingbird - Sewa Kente. (In Quechua, that is Royal Hummingbird.) Because, the Hummingbird defies the odds. Hummingbirds make this epic journey thousands of miles from Brazil to Canada, in their tiny little bodies. And those bodies - are not even supposed to be ABLE to fly. And - in the North, we step out of time, and become the Ancestors.

So, today we went to Moray. (Wow, my hand is cramping and I haven't even begun to tell about my day!!) And Moray is this beautiful place, buzzing with amazing energy - and it has these concentric circles that go deep, deep into the ground. (Getting down, and UP, was a challenge!!) And today - I got the answer to something that has been plaguing me for over a year. (And with the answer, came healing.)

Last year when I began the Medicine Wheel - I was of course told to choose 3 stones to begin my Mesa. (And 3 stones are added in each direction - from the South, then West, North, and East.) And I found the stones that really called to me to bring for the South. One of them, was a beautiful piece of citrine that had been given to my daughter at a Beltaine festival earlier in the year. And I was completely happy with that - then I realized these particular stones in our Mesa were not to represent very happy things... (deep wounding's and such...) for the South direction, where the wheel starts - is all about 'shedding your stories.'

So, of course at that point, I did not want to use that stone for something so harsh. Well - it just had to be used. I tried and tried to replace it - but I just knew IT was the stone I was supposed to use.

So - here I am, over a year later, in this wonderful, powerful place, at the very bottom of the temple, in the center of the center circle, with my Mesa laid out in front of me.... and the answer is as clear as day. The stone did not have anything to do with my daughter... (which I knew) - but - it WAS there to help me heal a very deep soul wound I received while I was pregnant with her. (Something I have healed from, but these things remain with you energetically... and I feel that in Moray, that was finally, truly healed.)

Receiving that answer, I was totally emotionally overwhelmed. It was amazing. And as I think about it, over the past year as I have built my Mesa, that wound had reached the point of being... well - closed.

So, there you have it.

Until tomorrow ~ I leave you in perfect ayni. (Harmony.)

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