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Day 6 - Peru Trip

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

Today was a wonderful day! We went to Raqchi - the Temple of the Wiracocha - where the Inca were elected. It was a wonderful, magical place.

It was a very long, 3 hour drive to get there - and I got to sit the entire way next to Alberto Villoldo! We shared a seat on the bus! And so, I told him - "you know, I have read your books, and am learning from one of your students - that's why I am here - but when you go into a bookstore, and buy a book like that, the author can seem so 'untouchable' - yet, here you are - sitting next to me... so, forgive me for not knowing exactly what to say." Saying that at least eased my tension... and the drive was very nice!

Raqchi was a beautiful place - in the shadow of a large, jagged edged volcano. The volcano contributed highly to the building materials used to make the temples of Raqchi. They were a very porous, light rock - so most of it had crumbled down. Thankfully, enough was standing where you could see how amazing it used to look.

At Raqchi we received the Pampa Mesayok rites directly from the Shaman's - and that was just an amazing experience. I had already received these rites from my teacher - but when I asked - I was told to take them again. The consensus seems to be, receiving these rites at these holy places just amplifies everything. And it was certainly a wonderful day!

Tonight was a totally new experience - we got to try - homeopathic ayahuasca. They have had the real ayahuasca here the past few nights - but I did not feel like throwing up all night long! So, when this opportunity rolled around - it sounded like a great thing! Well - I drank my share - and we did a little Shamanic journey to the jungle to visit Jaguar. (Since tonight is our last night in the West of the Medicine Wheel) and we got to "bring her back" with us. Then journey to our intent for using the ayahuasca. - By the second journey though, I could not focus... because the woman behind me kept sniffling and weeping - like she was ready to just BAWL! But that's ok... it IS only homeopathic, so those of us that wanted to take a cup to our room (and I did) got to. So, we can complete our journey in our dreams tonight.

(Homeopathic or not, I will say, my vision in walking from the Pavilion where we were to my room was mildly reminiscent of my teenage LSD years!)

On that note... I am going to go throw a pillow over my room mates head - because she went from yapping so much I could not write, to snoring like a freight train - say bottom's up - and talk to you tomorrow!

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