Friday, September 7, 2012

Dizzy Spells

Yesterday was just one of those wacky days that nothing went exactly like it was supposed too...

I dropped my husband off at work, to make it easier for us to head to my Dr. when he got off... my Dr appointment was at 3:10 pm. So I figured since I was up and out early I would get to the store and run the errands I had to run - but my munchkin had other plans. She was not having any of it... so I had to abandon that idea midstream and head home. It turns out... she was just very tired. Poor baby.

Then I get to the Dr - and they tell me he had already left for the day! I was so furious! Something like 5 times in a row with my past appointments they have called me in the "11th hour" to ask me to come in earlier... and this time they did it as well, but had said that 3:10 was ok... I get there and they give me attitude saying they TOLD me he would be leaving at 2:45?? So I got very angry - and when I do this I generally cry - not like "bawling" cry.. but as I was talking to them and making sure I got my points across... I was tearing (so annoying) but it got the point across to how upset I was at least. Then they called the other Dr. who was at the hospital (same complex) and told them about my dizzy spells and such... and she wanted to see me, at the hospital, right away.

Great - just what I wanted to do, drop hours at the hospital. But I guess it was for the best... 2 and a half hours and plenty of needle pokes later, they tell me my hemoglobin is low, and I HAVE to start taking an iron vitamin daily, AND eating plenty of red meat.

So this morning I took the iron vitamin.... I have been so damn dizzy all day it's not funny. And I feel like I have so much energy to do so much that really, REALLY needs to be done around this house... but I am so damn dizzy.

That's all for now... I have more to write... believe me I have lots more to write, but I want to get some things done around here while my munchkin naps.

4:02 p.m.

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