Friday, September 7, 2012

Want my 2 cents? Nahh, I'll give ya $100

Ok, so I am livid right now.

I considered putting this into a "private" entry... because there is someone who is going to read it... who I really, really don't want to be hurt by it. It has nothing to do with that person... at all... it is between my husband and myself. I hope this little disclaimer will help, because I really don't like doing private entries... and I just want to say to you, please, please don't feel bad - this is just an example of an ongoing issue between my husband and myself.

That said - Damn I am pissed. Let me give some back ground here: On Friday unexpectedly my husband got a $1000 "gift" check from someone at work. (Because my husband is damn good at what he does and he makes deals close [legally] that normally would not - and this guy got a HUGE commission off of one such deal.) Him getting that check was a huge relief, because I was already running tight in the bank for putting out unexpected money towards the truck we got this weekend... and I desperately wanted $300 in there because I wanted to spare no expense for the 1 year photos I had planned to have taken of my baby girl over the weekend.

So, Friday night my husband mentions to me a friend of his that is in a bad financial situation - quite similar to the one we have been in over, and over again through out the past year, and he said he would like to send a large sum of money their way. Immediately I reminded him of all the OTHER things we could really use our money for right now, and I told him if it was a few months from now, and we were back on our feet a bit more, I would totally understand, and be more than willing to go along with it... but that now, was NOT the time.

The issue was settled... that was it - nothing more was to be said about it. He seemed to understand my point.

This morning I see his friend has officially asked for help... and alarm bells went off in my head. I sent him a quick IM reminding him of what we had discussed... and he sends me a cute "blushing" face back. He sent $100 to his friend. AFTER I had told him not to. AFTER he had told me not to get myself a jacket this weekend that I wanted because of our money. (The jacket is only $80 something... just in case you were wondering.) AFTER moaning at me about wanting to go to the store today because he did not know if we "had enough" in the bank.

I could just scream. Now, I have nothing bad to say about his friend... but that is in part simply because (with all due respect) I don't know her from a whole in the wall. Therefore, this entire thing just really pisses me off. I told him to get the money back, cancel the transaction or whatever... but I know he won't. And I even made the attempt to be the real super "bitch" here and call the bank and cancel it for him........... lucky him today is Columbus Day - the bank is closed. So, unless he can cancel it through the thing he used to send it... it's gone. Because by tomorrow she will have seen that money in her account and have breathed a big sigh of relief... and if I was in her position, it would just make me feel horrible to have it taken back AFTER I know it's there - I may be a bitch, but I am not cold.

So, here I sit - fuming. I suppose if he can't get it back today, then I will take our remaining $420 that's in the bank and let $124 clear on the check that is already out... put $90 to MY jacket... (because if he is going to blow $100 after I told him not too, I should damn well be able to do the same...) and then put another $120 to the water bill.. because they are saying they will shut us off if we don't pay by the 16th... (oops!), and I have to just hope that the gas company will wait till the 31st.

It all sounds like a plan to me anyway....

1:06 p.m.

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