Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Entry #3 for today - I'm on a roll.

From the 28th through the 30th of July, my husband was away on business. He slept in the hotel room provided to him by his company while he was in "training." I was not happy with that - but at the time, I was backed into a corner, and had no choice but to accept it.

A week or two ago I got a "package" in the mail - for my husband... from a "third party billing calling card company" - my first reaction was... great - what now. That same day he got another "package in the mail" - two magazines, concealed in envelopes with loads of "dial a whore" numbers in them. Yeah - great.

So, according to the first package... the one with the calling card info in it, the call was made in the early morning hours of the 30th... late night hours of the 29th, a night he did spend in that hotel, and it was linked to his credit card, and it said for me to "watch for my bank statement" for the charge incurred. So I have been waiting... hoping and crossing my fingers he had the sense to keep the call short... a $30 charge would not be so bad considering... right? HA! I should have known better. Not only did he call some "please fuck me whore" number and talk to some one tooth nasty who knows what kind of female (who portrays herself as a 5'4 110lbs beauty) to get his rocks off - but he did it for $125.69 worth of time. AND - we managed to get "accidentally" charged TWICE. And I was wondering why the hell that check he got on the 30th vanished from our account so fast.

So, because I was not him... they would not reverse the charges talking to me - HE has to call... and I am sure as hell going to have him call... nearly the moment he walks through the door tonight. AND - I don't care if it's lying... he is going to get them to reverse BOTH charges and say he never made the calls anyway.

I can't believe him. And I know he is going to say he did not do it - but I know he did. Those people had ALL our information - someone just "snatching" his card number from a bar or something could not have known to tell them.

Now he is supposed to go on some overnight trip to Boston next month. What do I have to do? Give him a CASH allowance (demanding receipts) and keep his ATM card with me?? Fucking ridiculous.

5:00 p.m.

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