Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fed up

We think my husbands interview in Houston went well. But as always with these things, we will not know anything until sometime next week. In the meantime, he is trading emails (when he treks to our friends house to check his mail) with a company in NY. I am not sure how much actual promise that one holds, (and I am careful not to get my hopes up) but we will see.
On our on going computer and computer desk saga, the desk is together and sitting right where it belongs - computerless. Dell sent the part to our old address in NY, so now we will not have it up and running until next Tuesday or Wednesday, if that is really the part we need. Yet another score in Purgatory's corner.
I have just gotten so fed up with everything here. Yesterday morning, I just felt completely enraged for a while, for no specific reason whatsoever. It is all just so frustrating, and infuriating to me. We have about $15 to our name (ignoring the -$250+ in our bank account, because then we are just screwed) and in a few days we will need diapers, (there goes the $15 right there) milk, and lunches for my babies.
And of course our tenants are late on the rent again, but it is still to early in the month to begin sending threatening letters. Depending on whether or not anything comes of the Houston job, after we finally get this months rent from them (if we get the rent) I hope to send them a letter saying we will not hold them to the lease if they want out, that we need to move back anyway, no hard feelings, etc and all that bullshit. Still, they would not no obligation to leave until June when we tell them we will not be renewing their lease. Hopefully though they will go with minimal trouble if it does come to this.
I will just wait and see what comes of the Houston job. My husband is almost sounding excited about the possibility... and keeps saying how pretty the city was and such. I just don't know how I feel about it really. I'll do what we need to for making ends meet - but I just am not sure what I feel about "liking" it or not yet. I would much rather be closer to my step-daughter.

4:10 p.m.

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