Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Forward Momentum, almost

I am writing this, in what has become an all too rare moment of calm in my home. My little boy is taking his nap - I hope anyway. He may request more juice in a moment, but hopefully, he is snoozing away.
My sweet, sweet baby girl is busy with her markers and paper, drawing pictures for our chiropractor. (He is basically family, we see him 3 times a week.) She wrote her name, traced her hand, and with some nudging from me, drew her interpretation of a "park." It is brown and green squiggles.
I have been doing a lot of thinking over the past week. Wondering how to best help my baby girl. My husband, I have been ready to strangle - though I realized that is probably because he is dealing with his nicotine withdrawals. He is doing very well though, and I am very proud of him.
I realized, he and I, we really do make a good team. Especially when it comes to helping our baby girl. I was right, and new what needed to be done to GET her 'diagnosis' and get us pointed in the right direction. And then when my knowledge of what to do stalled, he has picked up the momentum, and had been looking up what we need to do now and such. By our doctors prompting we are registering her with the school district tomorrow (we could not do it last week, because with our move and all, I could NOT find her birth certificate, so we had to get a replacement one first.) Anyway - after we clear the hurdle of getting her registered (which may not be totally easy, as we claim vaccine exemptions, though I realized Friday that I have an intense support system ready to go with that if I need it) we will be on the right track - and then can get her speech, occupational, and physical therapy.
My husband has been looking into what else we can get her interested in - because the doctor said to take the things she is good at, and get her truly focused on them. That seems to be very helpful with Autistic children. SO - we are going to look into dance classes for her. And I am also wondering how I can get her more focused on her drawing. She LOVES drawing. The only problem is, her brother (think tornado) does not let her do her own thing like she wants - so leaving the markers out when he is up is almost impossible. He will grab one and have a mural on the wall in 2 seconds flat.
SO, I think we have a good starting point.
With all of this, I feel like the holidays are going to hit me like a brick to the head. I have been very aware that my little guy's third birthday is Friday - the day after Thanksgiving. But somehow Thanksgiving and then what immediately follows it - Christmas, just seems months away. Normally by now I am already itching to put Christmas decorations all over the house. The subdued atmosphere is really a good thing - the holidays will be a bit ruff this year, especially Thanksgiving. But I will still go all out with my decorations - because the kids are getting older, and they deserve it so, very much. I am just not sure I will do it before Thanksgiving this year. Probably the weekend after - just after my little guy's birthday. Unless I get an unexpected burst of inspiration.
One day at a time.

1:42 p.m.

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