Tuesday, September 11, 2012

From Blue Bonnets to the Andes Mountains

In waving fields of blue bonnets, big double axle trucks, and star filled skies as far as the eye could see - I took a trip back in time. I had gotten myself to a place, a mental place where I despised where I spent part of my childhood. But last month on my trip there with my baby girl, I had the chance to realize - I did not actually hate the PLACE I grew up - only my mother's constant badgering that it is (currently) my "home." -It is not - for the record. I love NY - I love true winters, a snow filled yard, chilly September evenings, ice covered lakes, glorious fall colors, and the smell smoke through a neighbors chimney in November. These things I cannot have in Texas - in Texas there was way too much heat for me. But, last month I at least learned - the place itself is not what I loathed.

My mother's annoying insistence it is my "home" and her constant insult of New York and the people who live here - that is what I loathe. But that is a story for another time.

I am just happy to have found a moment of silence where I can write an entry!!!

My trip to Texas with my baby girl was pretty good. My Jillian got to take her first plane ride - and I kept myself calm for the plane ride - which was a pretty big feat in itself! Especially for our bumpy landing back in NY! And then - when I got home... did my husband have a surprise waiting for us. While we were in TX, he got a dog. Yes - another dog. It has grown on me of course, and he is a very, very adorable little dog. And he is going to STAY little. And he is always happy. He is a little Pomeranian puppy.

Since then life has just been a whirl wind. I had a few meetings with the school to get Jillian set up for her services in the fall. And her behavior has been pretty unpredictable. Plus Aidan seems to be going through a phase of testing me at every possible chance - it is leaving me a lot of days where I feel VERY ready to pull my hair out. Just one step at a time though..........

And I have so much more to say - I just HAVE to find a way to start getting more time to write. It helps me keep my sanity! And my time, and my sanity have certainly been fleeting recently!

Once I got back from Texas - it was like suddenly I realized - holy crap - my giant trip to Peru is 2 months away. NOW - well.. ONE MONTH from THIS MORNING (the 25th) I will be on a plane - on my way! I have gotten my lazy ass on the treadmill nearly every morning for the past month... I am trying very hard to watch what I eat. I am drinking an insane amount of water... because once I am there I am supposed to drink a lot of water so I don't get altitude sickness. I am just REALLY excited - but REALLY nervous at the same time! I have so many things I am doing at once... and I think I am about to add training on the Toltec way of Shamanism into the mix starting in September... which I am very excited about. I just don't know what all to do! Should I try and cram as much spanish into my head as possible over the next month? Or just wing it? I know some Quechua - but not enough for a conversation. And I just want to get everything PERFECT before I go. I want a better/updated version of my camera sooner rather than later, and my poor brain is just SCATTERED!

ANYWAY - one more thing before I finish this crazy all over the place entry - I finally traded in my trailblazer! It was overdue - the poor thing was getting to where it really needed some work - and we were just leasing it AND we were pretty far over our mileage. So, I now have a very nifty Saturn Vue, that I am quite happy with.

And on that note, it is late, and I am overtired! I have plenty of pictures up on the buzznet site, if you want to look at them!

Have a wonderful holiday!

Posted Date: : May 25, 2007 10:57 PM

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