Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hair cuts and wedding vows

So, I am going to interrupt what has become my daily (or at least every other day) "oh my god my life is so stressful I just can't take it anymore" session, for a truly sentimental moment.
My sweet baby girl, is 2 years, and 7 months old. And, to date, she had never really had a true hair cut. Sure a snip here or there, but never a REAL hair cut. Today, I realized it was finally time to give her one. Her hair is so gorgeous, I have always worried it would lose some of it's amazing curl, or that I would absolutely bawl my eyes out because she is growing so fast she would wiggle the wrong way and I would get it all uneven or something... but she did amazing, and I didn't cry too hard even retained some of her beautiful curls. I only took about an inch off, just enough to keep it orderly - you probably will not even see the difference in the pictures.
My sweet babies are growing up so fast. My little girl and the real conversations she holds with me now... and my baby boy is going through a heck of a growth spurt, I swear I can actually SEE him gaining on his sister's height. It fills me with amazement and pride... and of course, makes me want to cry at the same time. My little people. My little family. The loves of my life.
There is something else I have been wanting to write, but my entries recently have been of all the stress and how frazzled my life is, I felt saying it there would not do it justice. The other night, my Husband asked me to "remarry" him. And, it was really just what I needed to hear - though I did not even know it until he said it. And he said it perfectly - to open a new door to our future and put the past behind us. We are so different now... so much stronger, to recommit like that will be wonderful. He said our daughter could carry the flowers, and our son the ring - of course I said our daughter would feed the flowers to our son, and he would then take off with the ring... but that would make things exactly how they should be. Of course, this won't happen over night... but just maybe we can make his goal of doing it on our anniversary in August. That would truly be wonderful.
So, that is what I have to say today. My sweet babies... I love them so very much I just can't even put it into words.
I am sure tomorrow's entry will once again be stress filled... I just only wish I could KNOW what our next move is sooner... but the earliest will know anything will be Wednesday. Patience....

11:50 p.m.

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