Saturday, September 8, 2012

Hanging in the balance

Yesterday did not turn up as many answers and conclusions as I had hoped... because I just hate uncertainty... but it seems to be the name of the game these days.
It seems our tenants really are trying to be out as soon as possible... which is a very good thing, and secures our ability to go back to NY. However, this offer for a job my husband got in Florida just seems to be getting better and better. The amount he was told, would make it one if the highest paying jobs he has had - ever. So it is something we simply have to look into.
We have reasoned it completely out, and it does make sense. He would be making enough that, he would fly to NY for one weekend a month to see Amanda. That is only one weekend less that he would see her if we lived there. And she has family in S. Florida she visits, so my munchkins would automatically see her more often, and add to that the fact that on his salary, I would be able to schedule our entire "clan" trips up there once probably every 3 months, if not more often... it just really makes sense.
I just feel like my emotions are all over the place on this. Either way, we win... but now we have to play the waiting game that drives me nuts. Our tenants will call us Monday evening to let us know if they got the place they wanted... and if not, they will then (finally) send us the rent for the month. And on Wednesday my husband is flying to Florida for the day, to meet the people at this company. And it seems like they really want him there... so... only time will tell.
I just want everything to work out the best possible way. At the moment, the Florida offer seems best... if it really is all it's been hyped to him to be. We would be able to save money and finally build a nest egg... travel to NY to see everyone often... plus pay everyone back the immense amounts of money we have become indebted to them for. Not to mention, the area (Boca Raton) looks absolutely gorgeous.
I just hate the time crunch... the longer we wait to book our friends flight here from NY (set a date) and the longer we wait to book the rental truck, the more we risk the prices going up from what I have budgeted... but if we go to Florida, all of it will be paid for FOR us. And financially, that would help us so very much.
I think of my comfort zone, in NY, and it sounds nice. And I think of the beaches and new "adventure" ideas of Florida, and it sounds nice as well. What would you do? Run back to the "comfortable" option, with no concrete job offer (yes, lots of promises for "when you get back you have a job here") - and no matter what it seems the pay would be less... or try out something new. Clearly something new, which would offer more security for my family sounds like the much better offer. I guess we just have to wait until Wednesday to see if this job is all it's cracked up to be.

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