Monday, September 10, 2012

Halloween Fun

This morning I had one of those special heart melting moments... my sweet baby boy walked over to me, climbed up into my lap, pressed his sweet little head against my chest (hard too) and said, in his tiny little adorable voice, "I love you Mommy." He sat there all snuggly for a little while, and then jumped down to head off and play with his sister. (It came out "I wov ouu Mommy") That just touched me so, so deeply.
I cannot believe in 24 days he will be 2. In some ways, he is still that tiny baby to me... and in others, I have treated him more like he is his sisters age, because so often that is how he acts - because he interacts with her so much. He is my sweet, happy, dimpled baby boy... and time just flies way too fast.
My babies had a spectacular Halloween last night. I was so happy with all of it. They looked adorable in their costumes... and I had been so worried my baby girl, who can be so shy, would want nothing to do with going door to door. At the first house, she pretty much freaked out... at the second house, she was just "uneasy" - by the third house.. she realized that knocking on doors for candy - and actually getting it - was totally awesome! I did not want to make their little legs sore, so we only went down my one street and back... (it is a really long street) and in just that time, they got their little pumpkin things totally full. I was really just so very proud of them.
The one downside of the night though - my husband was not able to get home in time to go with us. He wanted to so badly, and tried so hard.. but he just could not make it.
These are the occasions having my mother and little brother around really helps out. My mom walked with me to help keep the kids in check... and my brother took candy patrol. And I had no idea by just how much the kids in our neighborhood had multiplied since the last Halloween we were here. (Last year we were in IL, and our house was on a cul-de-sac that it seemed no one went down...) But from the year before... I did not remember that many kids! I had gotten these three had to be near "industrial" sized bags of candy... (it filled my HUGE popcorn bowl 4 times) and I came frighteningly close to running out of candy! I was one more set of kids away from having my husband pick more up on his way home!
We just had a really good night. I just love Halloween.
I feel like there was so much else I was going to say - and I have totally lost my train of thought. Well... on that note.. I leave you with pictures! (Go to the full album, and there is a picture of me hiding in there too!)
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