Monday, September 10, 2012

Countdown to Halloween

Ok, first off, there is an update here - and then after you read that jumbled mess, there is an update here as well. Sorry about that.
Now back to your regularly scheduled entry. I did not get pictures of the front of my house yet... the weather has just been too crappy. But I promise I will this weekend at the latest. (Really, this time I mean it!)
I also just wanted to say... Jen made such a great point this morning. I guess I really agreed so much with it when I read it because I had such a similar thought this morning... my husband left for work, and he just looked extra spiffy. He had to pull out his finely tailored overcoat for the first time this season... (because geeze was it chilly!) and that always makes him look so pulled together. I know he hates it... when he has to wear one of his actual "suits" and get all dressed up - but maybe there is something just hard wired into at least some of us "girls" - that it will make us swoon. (Poor guy, now watch him try to wear that coat each and every day, even when it isn't cold enough!) (I love you sweetheart.)
With Halloween just a few days away, I am getting this "holiday rush" feeling coming on strong. It is just the beginning of everything, and I already am feeling so unprepared. Maybe because my little guy's birthday is also actually on Thanksgiving this year... and still I am not sure if we are doing the big celebration at my house, or at my mother-in-laws. (Maybe I am just obsessive... but I will have this feeling of having a million things to do until I know that has been decided.) Meanwhile... I have not even gotten through Halloween yet! I still have to carve the pumpkins, and I still have to take up the length on my little guy's sheriff costume. (It is going to be adorable... and totally fits his cute little macho man attitude!) *And* I still am not sure if my step-daughter will be here this weekend or not. She "might" have parties to go to with her friends, and she "might" not. And that has a bearing on whether or not I go to a get together with some friend's on Sunday or not.
See? Too many things to worry about at once. And all that, is just the very, tiny tip of the ice-burg.
I will update again soon... I promise.

2:46 p.m.

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