Tuesday, September 11, 2012

HEADED TO PERU!!! And, a surprise visit from the TOOTH FAIRY!!

Tonight, at 2:30 am (yes, I know, that is actually tomorrow morning, but I am all confused over what to call it!) I will head off to the airport. My destination - Lima, Peru for tomorrow night, then the next morning I am onto Cusco, Peru. (I cannot go straight to Cusco, they don't fly into it after 3:30 pm.) I am SO excited - and of course SO nervous at the same time! I cannot wait to come home and share all of my stories, and the thousands of pictures I will take!! (Seriously, I am taking 2, 4GB memory cards, if needed, I can take 4,000 pictures with that!!) - And for 2 weeks traveling the sacred sites of Peru - I will probably need that many!!!

Of course, the one thing in all of this - is leaving my babies for 2 weeks. I know my husband will have fun with them, and my step-daughter will be here most of that time to help out... but of course, I worry. And then today - like some sort of Universal joke on me - my daughter complains her tooth hurts.

Now, I remember about 2 weeks ago (maybe 3) she briefly mentioned her tooth hurting... and that was it - she mentioned it once, refused to let me look at it, and didn't mention it again - I thought she had just bumped her mouth funny or something.

Today - she didn't want to eat dinner. After dinner, I got her to let me look in her mouth - and her tooth is SO loose it was BARELY holding on! The new tooth, is over 1/4 of the way in, BEHIND the baby tooth. I was thinking "great, my sweet baby girl is going to lose her first tooth - and I am not even going to be here for it!"

Well.... Amanda saved the day!! Amazingly enough, she got her to let her pull it!! So I got to properly jump up and down for my Jilly! (I still say it isn't fair - I was not ready for this parental 'right of passage' yet!!! My BABY girl just lost her FIRST tooth!)

So - tonight before I walk out the door - I will morph into Mommy, the Tooth Fairy, and remove her tooth, replacing it with a crisp dollar bill. (She is only 4, she will have no clue what to do with the dollar...) Tomorrow morning, Daddy will film her reaction for me... and all will be right with the world. And he will let her get something pink and fluffy/sparkly with her dollar. And thus - we have entered the era of the Tooth Fairy. (I was SO not ready for this yet!!!!!)

Meanwhile, my baby boy (who is 3) is now ready to yank out some of his OWN teeth - all this Tooth Fairy talk has him totally intrigued!

They are just growing up TOO TOO FAST!!!

And on that note - I am going to kiss my sweet baby Angel's good night (for the last time in the next 2 weeks - BOOHOO!!!) And I am going to miss them just SO, SO very much. And then I am going to get their special Mommy surprises ready for them to find when they wake up - AND get my munchkin's note from the tooth fairy ready........ AND then shower - take a NAP, and well - go!

I will update you all in 2 weeks!! (I officially get back in the early morning hours on July 8th, though I am sure it will take me a day or so to get myself together - but I WILL update as soon as I can!!) Think good thoughts for me everyone!!!!

My Peru Ininerary is: here! Incase you want to check out the sites I am seeing!

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