Thursday, September 13, 2012

I forgot I was not supposed to blink...

My sweet baby girl is going to be five on Monday. Five. How did THAT happen!? I blinked... that is how. Just yesterday, she was this tiny pink little dot. (That is what my brother called her once, when she was a few month's old.) And now, she is five. She is in Kindergarten... and still amazes me every single day.

We have all been through so much together... and she has overcome every hurdle in her path. From the sleep problems and the nights filled with tears... to the slow and steady way we have gotten where we are today... I am more proud of her than any words could ever express.

I just needed to share that... I just wish I could slow down time, and enjoy every little bit of it a little more. Sometimes the rush of every day life... the monotony and so forth - it gets too easy to lose yourself and stop paying attention to the things that are really important. And suddenly - she is five.

Well, I am off to put icing on the cake, and pick up a bit more around the house. (We actually have people coming over tomorrow!!) She is SO excited about her party tomorrow - she has no idea she is basically getting TWO parties! One with her friends, and one with family!

I will have pictures to post tomorrow night, or Monday!!

Sweet dreams everyone! (I am looking forward to the back rub I have been promised!!)

Posted Date: : Sep 15, 2007 10:02 PM

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