Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I still hate money.

How is it in this twisted world that a former crook, pimp and pusher is now my stepdaughter's favorite new "artist" on the radio - rolling in money and blowing it at every turn... where as my husband, who works his ass off and is a good person has been screwed by his current company and is making somehow LESS than he was at his previous company?? They told him one thing to get him in the door - then once he was there, working hard and ENJOYING his job, he found out that is was bullshit. That what they intended to pay him was LESS than what he had been making before.

I don't want to cook tonight. I guess I am just feeling lazy. I would love to go out to eat tonight. I can't. We have no money. But, thanks to a check that's bouncing off the walls somewhere between my bank and the grocery store, we have a semi stocked fridge, so I can cook. I'm just tired of cooking. We used to be able to go out to eat almost once a week, and that was such a nice break for me. I don't mind cooking - I really enjoy it. And I have been really enjoying cooking the past 2 weeks because my husband is on the Atkins diet so I have been getting to cook new things and have really liked all of it. I just needed to whine a moment and say a break would be nice.

On a good note my husband has found some sort of ally where he works that did hear what he was "supposed" to make. She has told him it WILL be fixed. (Not if, WILL) I am just scared to get my hopes up. He really loves this job, so I really want it to work. I guess time will tell.

12:51 p.m.

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