Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lets throw a packing party!

In my last entry I said that our fortunes seemed to be changing... and they do - so in making that statement I can only say that what happened today has to be good... the outcome will be just fine, and I know this.
Is it helping my initial anger (at my landlord) or helping my sense of extreme worry and tension... of course not.
So... today my landlord did his "walk through" of the place... and aside from initially trying to pin a problem with the door to the garage on us (that was there when we moved in) and a really ignorant comment about "I hope we can save the carpet" - Hello... it just needs to be steamed you jackass, I have dogs and kids, what did you expect?? Everything seemed to be going ok... really... it did.
And then as he was leaving, he turns and says "You need to know, if I don't get the rent for next month by the 6th of the month (of May), on the 7th I am filing paper work with the county clerk, and you will be out of here within 10 business days." Ok... you piece of shit asshole. Good grief. I would not even do something like that to my tenants in NY. Thankfully my children were too young to understand what he said... and it wasn't even that he said it, or the audacity of the way he said it... ("so don't try to ride out your security or anything" - which honestly never crossed my mind) but the fact that he said it right in front of my children really upset me. They make certified letters for ridiculous threats like that.
It just lit me on fire in a way I did not expect. Thankfully my husband was there... he was the only reason I did not explode on the guy. So... my husband and I have done some talking... and, since he is going to get the rent late this month too... we are preparing for the worst... and since the research we did (and the confidence in the asshole's voice said he had done it before) all seemed to point to the possibility he really could make an eviction move that fast in Illinois (would never happen that way in NY, there are way to many tenant protection laws in place) we will be packing our house now. Everything BUT the things we use every single day. Honestly I feel he just might try to evict us this month instead of next month - which scares the hell out of me, because my husband and I have also discussed him going ahead of us to NY, to start working sooner rather than later. I can't handle something like that here on my own... it just feels like a great big mess.
If our tenants left today.. we would be there next week. Of course I have said that before. But, now we have to worry about if they don't find a place, and don't get out by June 1st... we really do have a problem with the "where are we going to go" mess. We can board the animals... (that would be costly though, very costly) and store our things... (I have no clue how much that would cost) and stay at my husband's mother's house? (That would give me a nervous breakdown... I love her to death.... but my kids + non childproofed clutter = disaster.)
My husband said earlier "the goal is to be out of here by the end of this month" - ok... I am all for that... but there is one major kink in that plan... our tenants in NY. If they have not moved yet.. well... can you say screwed?
I just want to get the hell out of here...
And I am not going to even really mention how defeated and upset I am that the scale not only is not going down, but went up a damn pound. Oh JOY!

1:09 p.m.

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