Saturday, September 8, 2012

Climbing out

Yesterday and today have been gorgeous days. I have really been able to feel spring in the air... and it has been wonderful. I even noticed buds on several trees on my walk today. I walked yesterday and today. And if we do get some thunderstorms tomorrow (which would be really nice, I love a good storm) I will probably still exercise on the treadmill... well.. maybe I should give my aching hip a day off... but I have not decided yet.  Yesterday I took my little guy with me on my walk, in his stroller.... and he really enjoyed it. Today, my baby girl came along, and she enjoyed it even more. It was such a nice quiet peaceful time. Even if the scale continues to prove its dislike for me (by refusing to begin to move downward) I will have gained valuable time with my angels, by continuing to bring them with me each day. And I look forward to that. (Though I sure hope the scale begins to move soon too...)
I feel more than the seasons changing. I feel that the winds of fortune for us may finally be turning as well. We called our tenants today... and, surprise they actually ANSWERED the phone. Probably caught them off guard because the rent is not due until the 1st... anyway... the guy was actually very nice for a change, and said they are actually looking at places to move too... now, maybe they were doing this anyway... but no matter what, as long as he is telling the truth, I am not going to complain. I sure hope he is telling the truth.
I just feel good at the moment. Maybe the exercise is finally beginning to "energize" my body - don't "they" say it is supposed to do that? After the initial "god this is killing" me phase you actually get more energy? (Does not make my hip hurt any less though...) Or maybe it is just the spring air... it's after 11pm and still 59 degrees outside.
Whatever the reason... I feel good things coming. Even through knowing how hard the next few months (moving, etc) will inevitably be... I really know it will all work out. I even have how I will set up the house in NY again laid out in my mind... a better way than before, because now I have both my munchkins running around... And I have resolved myself to knowing to be able to exercise once my husband does get back to work, I will probably have to get up with him, maybe even before him to get it done.. which I have been trying so hard to not do... that extra hour of sleep always meant so much to me. But I want to be healthy more than I want the extra sleep that actually does not help me much during the day anyway...
I do still feel there are so many lose ends... but I know it will all work out. Getting out of here, this toxic environment... getting home, (and finding it in good condition) and digging ourselves out of this ever deepening hole... can be done. And we really are so close to doing it.

11:23 p.m.

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