Friday, September 7, 2012

Male PMS?

My husband really confuses me sometimes. When he is sweet, he is just amazing. But when he gets in a "mood" he can be such a nasty jerk... like he just cares about nothing but himself.

Saturday, my friend jokingly mentioned leaving my husband with the kids (5 total) on Sunday and getting away for a bit. In my instant message my husband read this... and then said "you know any time you and Sherri want to go out, I'll watch the kids." Hey... what a GREAT guy!

I mean... when she moved here - literally right down the street... he asked her to "get Lisa out of the house... she NEVER got out in NY." And such... so why not. He OFFERED to take the kids, right?

Well... Sunday rolls around & I tell him we will go out for a bit... and this look of "surprise" and "shock" comes across his face. "You'll take the kids?" He asks... Uhhhh.... did he NOT offer to watch them just the day before to let us get out for a bit WITHOUT having to worry about a million things at once... so for a bit we could just GO...? Of course he played dumb... and FINALLY we agree for him to take 3 of the kids... the oldest. Sherri would take her 10 month old with us, and I would bring my little guy. No big deal.

Then it's: "how long will you be?" and "you know we don't have much money in the account" and all these guilt trips. I mean... does he WANT me to "get out more" or NOT?

And, recently when he has worked getting him to leave the truck for me for us to go out WITH the kids I have felt like the fight is just nearly not even worth it.

I don't know. This ramble is going NO where. Basically... he WANTS me to get "out more" (or says so at least) and such... but isn't willing to ACTUALLY help when the times comes for me TO go anywhere. But he expects points for OFFERING to take the kids... but then actually doesn't expect me to take him up on it.

Not to mention, yesterday he made sure to tell me all the things he was able to get done while he "watched" the kids. And I asked him "did you see how it can be impossible sometimes though" HIS response: "well, you just have to get up and do it anyway." WHAT?!?!?!?!? He obviously still has no damn clue. So, now I am sure everyone in his office is hearing how yesterday he cleaned the house, did the laundry, and numerous other over blown simple things... and how *I* did "NOTHING".

THEN, this morning he was basically as sweet as can be.

I just don't get it.

11:45 a.m.

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