Saturday, September 8, 2012

My big baby boy!

This is my second entry today.
You know how the other day I said I was "not counting" on my little guy making it through the night in his new room without my having to go in and give him his bottle at least once? I was wrong! Not only did he make it flawlessly through the first night... but last night as well. Maybe the noises from my room (husband snoring, dogs being... well, dogs) have been disturbing him all along!
I am so proud of him! I am proud of me too for resisting the urge to go randomly check on him and such during the night. I *know* he is just fine... still... its so hard to keep myself from going in to "make sure" - but I know that just might disturb him.
Now onto less happy things... we are about to have to start "playing ruff" with our tenants in NY. We never got the remainder of the rent from them this weekend, and we finally got in touch with them (one of my husband's friends had to stop by and explain we have no working phone number for them now and have tried to reach them to no avail...) So... the guy called... and very "matter of factly" told me his check fell through on Friday, and he might get paid and therefore send us money today. I guess I will find out if that happened tomorrow or not. But I am FED up. I mean, we just went through months of no employment and still we paid OUR rent, AND our mortgage. We got help, but we got it done... a place to live is simply THAT important. And this shit-head is going to act like it's just "tough shit on me, deal with it" - No.. not happening.
He also stated to my husband's friend that the pipes are "fine" - though just last month the email we got from them stated the exact opposite... that they needed "immediate attention and their plumber said they had to be insulated or they would burst again" - though I am sure their "plumber" was probably incompetent, we were ready to get it all fixed... and now they don't need it? I guess we will find out when the weather drops to 10 degrees there in the next week...
Ideally... I get a check with the remaining rent tomorrow... and they finally get us the rent ON TIME for February. I have high hopes at least....
Enough of that... I have decided to remove my little "posted by" thing at the bottom... my husband no longer uses this journal at all because he has his own personal one now... so, I am going to borrow a REALLY cute thing from Supermom3604 and stick a "heard in my house" thing there instead. I have realized that the bigger my munchkins get, the odder the things that come out of my mouth seem to be! I am still trying to see if there are any other's that appeal to me.. I don't really want a "what I'm reading" or something there... anyone have any other cute ideas? (I have 2 more spots I could use if only I could think of something to put in them!)

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