Monday, September 10, 2012

New found time...

 I feel like I am in a sort of "come down" from the past few weeks. Yesterday I sort of sat around in a daze... today I am doing a little better, thankfully.
I have been going so strong for over 2 weeks straight with really NO time to myself... now I am sitting here with the house empty, except for my two sleeping angels - but they are sleeping. The only chaotic kink in the day - actually is not a kink at all.
I was so happy yesterday when the UPS man pulled up, and proceeded to BACK into my driveway. (They never do that...) So I knew, our A/C was finally here. And yesterday it was so nice out - you could feel autumn trying to creep in once more... I love those days. They give me hope... I know sooner rather than later at this point a nice cool breeze coming in through the open windows will be "normal" - and I can get my babies fall coats to go for long walks... and can you tell how much I am looking forward to this? I just totally lost track of what I was saying...
So... the A/C installer should be here literally any moment, before 2:30 at the latest I think. And I hope he can get it installed in the part of the wall I want... but it may be tricky, on the outside right there is the electric meter and all that "fun" stuff - if not... it will sort of mess up my "flow" with my pictures and things on the other part of the wall... but these are the sacrifices we must make.. and I want the cool air much more at this point.
Last night I took the entire crew grocery shopping.. and it was truly fun. My little guy... he is just so cute with everything he "can do" - he pushed the shopping cart around for a bit as we were about to leave. Something about that... something so simple, just made my night.
Anyway... I will write more again soon I am sure. I have realized my baby girl will be 3 next month. Three. T.H.R.E.E. Wasn't she just born? This just isn't fair............
And to show off pictures I took this morning, click on the one below... they came out great! This one is my favorite!
Picture Perfect  

Updated 1:55pm... (I originally was writing it around 12:30ish...) The A/C guys just left, and, though they did not get the A/C in the spot on the wall I wanted, at all (or in my "fall back on spot" either) I am thrilled because, I HAVE AN A/C in here now!! (And the kids are STILL sleeping! Slept through ALL the noise! It's amazing!)

1:56 p.m.

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