Monday, September 10, 2012

A picture is worth... a rush home.

I don't want my husband to feel like I am mad at him, or distancing myself from him... or anything like that. I am worried he thinks I am in this constant state of irritation with him, when quite to the contrary, I am not.
I am very proud of everything he has been doing for us recently. I know he is working his ass off these days for us - and I know the strained tiny amount of time we are able to see him right now will even back out... I KNOW all this.
I have been getting irritated about it recently, but not irritated *with* him. Just with the situation. I hope that makes sense...
Last night he sent me an email from work, asking how our day had gone, saying how much he missed our baby boy (who he had not seen since Monday night) and that sort of thing, so in my response to him, I sent along these two pictures:
About to Launch

Special swim time
We took them in the pool yesterday... Well - next thing I knew, he was calling from his cell phone, on his way home already... and it was just "only" 7 something - I was shocked. Apparently I "cheated" (in a good way) by sending him the pictures, he got them and bolted... which makes me feel good, and reassures me in a lot of ways.
He got to spend some good, much needed time with the munchkins last night - we just can't get enough time together recently. I do know a long weekend is finally on the horizon - Labor Day. I hope we can make that one nice and relaxing.
I just don't want to be coming across as if I am angry with him - I'm not. I have had my irritations with our situations recently... but I can look past it all...
Tonight he will be late again... some of the "higher ups" of the company are in town, so they are all going to dinner. Maybe he will bring me something yummy? (Though I know realistically he won't have the chance to... I can dream...) But that means he probably won't see either of our mini-munchkins tonight... and he will also probably be to tired to get into the pool with Amanda and I. (It has become a nice little routine of ours, every other night, I turn on the baby monitor and we go out to swim - I just hope I can keep myself doing it next week when she is not here again... because it has been great exercise.)
I made him a photo collage in a nice frame this afternoon that I will surprise him with tonight... that way he can have nice pictures of the babies on his desk to always look at... and imagine we are there with him.
Anyway... I feel like I am rambling.
We are still waiting on the A/C. It will be here soon... I hope. (Watch, then we won't have another heat wave this season - not that I would complain... would just be sort of, well... funny I guess.)

5:51 p.m.

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